Origami Bow And Arrow

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Origami Bow And Arrow

Origami Bow And Arrow

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The bow and arrow is a classic toy that both children and adults can enjoy either as a toy or as a costume accessory. But store-bought bows and arrows can be expensive, and a trip to the store to buy one for play can be inconvenient. The good thing is that with a few household items, such as a hanger or PVC pipe, you can make your own!

Origami Bow And Arrow

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Making a toy bow and arrow is a great way to get some target practice in your garden and role play your favorite archers. First, find a sturdy plastic hanger and cut the hook off it with a sharp knife or scissors. Wrap the rest of the hanger in duct tape to make it look more realistic and fun to hold. Once you’ve wrapped the entire circle, tie the string to the corners so that the bow string is parallel to the right side of the circle. To make the arrows, wrap the pencils in tape, then cut the arrowheads out of cardboard and glue or tape them to the end of each pencil. For more crafting tips, including how to make a quiver for your arrows, read on! So the little girl drew an archer during art class and it inspired me to make something easy but fun for kids in this week’s Creativity 521 – DIY Bow and Arrows!

Origami Bow And Arrow

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I personally like games that require aiming and precision and I realized that the big girl probably has the same gene because she was very fond of target games when I visited CNY last month. So I thought it would be pretty cool to let them become little archers and even better, use it to play some learning games too! Here’s what I did.

Pull both ends of the string tightly so that the stick forms a curve and tie them together. Make sure the knot is secure.

Origami Bow And Arrow

Cut the ends and move the string so that the knot is hidden inside the stick. There we have a nice little bow!

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Use the cardboard to cut out shapes for the front and back of the arrows. Repeat tracing and cutting as many times as you need.

Origami Bow And Arrow

Glue the shapes onto the arrows as shown above. I realized that the glue won’t be enough to hold them in place, especially after you start playing, so my next bet will be to put some washi tape to secure them and make the arrows stronger.

Use sharp scissors to make two slits, one up and one down, at the end of each straw. This is the part where the bow string is inserted so you can pull back and shoot.

Origami Bow And Arrow

Pcs Standard Bow And Arrow Archery Shooting Target Paper Practice Archery Target Paper For Hunting Colorful Print Target Paper|bow & Arrow|

Just to add to the fun, I also used felt to make quivers or arrow pouches. To save time and effort, instead of simply sewing a rectangular piece of felt, I put the width and bottom together and attached a long strip to the left and right sides of the opening. I find that using double sided tape is good enough as the arrows are light.

I was a little skeptical about the arrows at first and told the girls that “Maybe the arrows will just fly a little, ok?” Surprisingly, as soon as they learned to pull back and release properly, they were able to shoot arrows quite a distance! In fact, Angel’s arrow disappeared twice because he had no idea where it landed. Haha.

Origami Bow And Arrow

Anyway, instead of shooting aimlessly or chasing goals, I decided to do something more educational. I printed Chinese numbers from 1 to 10 while trying to teach Ariel to recognize these words. To make them into flash cards, I cut and laminated them one by one and blu-tacked them to the wall. So the idea is simple, he just had to aim and press the number I read!

Pounds Adjustable Archery Recurve Bow And Arrow Set, Outdoor Shooting Youth Sports Hunting Accessories Hunting Equipment|bow & Arrow|

As for the big girl, of course I couldn’t let her miss out on the fun. So, since she’s learning subtraction and addition, I used math sums to let her decide which number to hit. I deliberately used double digits like “What’s 29 – 22?” as he found it challenging to grasp the concept. Well, I hope we can play more games eventually! I think it will definitely be fun to let them learn about shapes, colors, alphabets, spelling, sounds and word recognition through archery!” Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday! | Head | Paper Rosebud Bouquet Crafts for Kids (and Adults!) »

Origami Bow And Arrow

Last week when I was making a future, my group of boys got to work on the bow and arrow popsicle stick and they even showed me a trick or two that made this project so much better! I honestly thought they were going to make arrows without bows, since I couldn’t think of a good idea to make a bow with the supplies I had on hand. But just to be safe, I pulled out some popsicle sticks and suggested you could make a bow with them, and what do you know, you can make a pretty cute popsicle stick bow!

How to: Assemble popsicle sticks using hot glue as shown in the picture so that there is a place in the middle section for the arrow. Don’t glue everything until you put the arrow in that spot! My students broke the pallets into small pieces, but you can cut them with garden shears if you have them!

Origami Bow And Arrow

Arrows For Paper Clip Bow

When the student who made this bow and arrow made the giant arrowhead out of electrical tape and red paper, I thought it was a little out of scale, but magically, when it all came together, the big arrowhead looked amazing and forming a kind of big triangle, if you know what I mean.

In this case, the bow string was made with a folded strip of paper, but you can use real string or a pipe cleaner instead.

Origami Bow And Arrow

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