How To Draw Human Noses

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How To Draw Human Noses – If you’ve ever tried to draw a nose before, you already know that it’s one of the most challenging facial features to draw! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a nose in four easy steps: structure, sketch, block, and detail.

To begin with, let’s look at the five main parts of the nose to know the basics before we start drawing:

How To Draw Human Noses

How To Draw Human Noses

Now I will show you how to draw a nose step by step. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced face artist, this tutorial will help you draw a realistic-looking nose.

How To Draw A Realistic Nose With Colored Pencils

You will see many tutorials that will teach you how to draw a nose starting with three circles. While it’s a good way to draw a regular nose, it doesn’t help when you want to draw a portrait or a specific nose. Instead, I like to start by finding the unique lines and angles of the nose that you draw. Think of it as a structural map of the nose. This will help you see how wide or narrow, pointed or turned, long or short it is. Lightly draw these corners as straight lines FIRST to avoid drawing a nose that is too round or too generic.

How To Draw Human Noses

Now that we’ve drawn the map, we can start making the nose look more natural. Curve the edges from all corners. Then add three ellipses to represent the nose ball and two nose wings. It’s important to keep the sketch lines clean because there is actually very little outline on the nose, as we’ll see in the next step.

Now it’s time to start shading. But first, we need to identify which parts will be shaded lightly and which parts will be shaded darkly. When you draw, it’s important to look at things in a different way than usual. We are trying to display something that has three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. So what would a nose look like as a simple 3-D shape? We can break down the shape of the nose into its main surface planes (any part of the nose facing the other direction is a “plane”):

How To Draw Human Noses

Nose Line Art Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Each of these planes will have a different tonal value, depending on whether they are facing the light or not. Typically, the tip of the nose will be very clear and prominent. We can do this by leaving it on a white page.

Before proceeding, be sure to delete the sketch lines that are no longer needed. Then lightly shade or “block” any other parts of the nose where the light doesn’t shine directly, such as the sides and bottom. Keep it light for now, using just one or two shades of gray. You can always go dark later.

How To Draw Human Noses

In the last step, we start locking the shading with just one or two gray values. Now the key is to add three to seven tonal values, ranging from light gray to black. This will require some patience and a careful eye. Try asking yourself: What are the easiest parts? What are the darkest parts? What should be light gray, medium gray and dark gray?

Nose Time By Reiq On Deviantart

Continue shading with light pressure, creating smooth, even layers of shading, like a gray gradient. Just like there are no hard edges on your nose, there shouldn’t be any hard edges on your drawing!

How To Draw Human Noses

Try to merge each layer into the bottom layer. You can use a blending stump, cotton swab, or tissue to gently blend your gray layers. It’s best to start blending in the highlights first and then move to the darks, not the other way around, so the highlights don’t become too dark.

Finally, take one last look at your inspiration photo or model to find the black areas and make sure you have the same black tone in your drawing. This will add contrast and 3D shape to your drawing.

How To Draw Human Noses

Learning How To Draw Noses, Any Advice?

Follow the four steps above to learn how to draw a nose or read the tutorial here on YouTube: How to Draw a Nose Lesson for Kids is ready. In this guide, I have made just nine easy steps for you.

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a nose for kids. Now you will gain valuable skills that will certainly come in handy in the future when drawing a portrait of a person.

How To Draw Human Noses

This guide will be very simple, like all the previous ones. Here you will learn about the basic steps for drawing a human nose. In this tutorial you will learn the basic skills and gradually learn how to make your nose more realistic. To do this, it is important to correctly draw your shape and add highlights and shadows.

How To Draw The Male Head

Facial features are very individual and each person has their own unique nose shape. When drawing a portrait of a person, be sure to draw the facial features correctly and keep all the proportions.

How To Draw Human Noses

The lesson is over and now you can grade the result. If you have done everything carefully and followed my instructions, you will be satisfied with your work. Even if something didn’t work the first time, don’t despair. Practice, try to draw different nose shapes and it will get better with time. To practice your skills, you can draw portraits of your friends or family, paying special attention to the shape of their noses.

For your convenience, I have prepared a PDF version of this guide. Download the file and enjoy your creativity anytime. How to draw a nose? While watching my favorite detective show, I understood all too well the frustration of a police artist trying to extract a suspect’s face from a witness description. He made several attempts to straighten his nose until he suddenly adjusted the line which enabled the witness to shout definitely that this was the man she had seen. Although this is a fictional story, I often find that if the nose is wrong, the person is unrecognizable. Therefore, it is one of the most important elements of portraiture to master.

How To Draw Human Noses

Cartoon Nose Drawing

To help you with your noses, I’ve developed these five steps. Check out what I did and find out how easy it is!

You may not realize it, but your nose is a combination of several shapes that come together to form a feature. The easiest way to get the right rendering is to start with simple geometric shapes. With that basic structure I can turn it into what everyone will recognize as a nose. Once that’s done, adding shadows with a pencil adds depth and helps it look three-dimensional.

How To Draw Human Noses

Our noses are symmetrical, with the same things on both sides. To maintain this symmetry, I started with a vertical line. At the end I put a circle. I then overlapped with one on each side. Later it will become the tip or ball of the nose and the wings that open and wrap around the nostrils.

How To Draw A Nose With Step By Step Examples

On the top of the nose I drew a trapezoid that represents the bridge. For the ridge, I added the adjacent one, only upside down. As the nose is widest between the bridge and the tip, that’s where the line passed.

How To Draw Human Noses

The bridge widens where it meets the cheeks. It’s a good idea to add lines on the sides to remember, otherwise your nose might end up looking like a beak, and we don’t want that! These lines were also helpful when I started adding hatching.

Try to see the tip of your nose as a sphere to help you imagine how the light covers it. In this case, the light comes from above, so the top receives more light and the bottom receives less. One way to know where to darken when you start shading is to separate the nose with contoured lines dividing the top and bottom.

How To Draw Human Noses

How To Draw A Nose Step By Step

Using the bridge as a guide, I connected all the lines, reinforced them and added the nostrils. Then you can really get the shape of your subject’s nose right. I recommend that you take your time with this step until you are completely satisfied with the actual look. In this case, I could see the nose getting the shape it needed.

Shadows are what turn a flat drawing into a drawing with depth. I started this process where there would be the least amount of light – the nostrils, under the top and along the sides. Can you see how the screwing in these areas is starting to make the nose look like it’s coming out of the paper?

How To Draw Human Noses

Realistic drawings use a value scale as a way of inserting dark, medium and light values ​​to give the appearance of shadows, which in turn gives dimension to the drawing. You do this by gradually building the shadows from dark to light. Now that I’ve set the darkest areas, I continue with the midtones, working around the ridgeline,

Online: Drawing The Human Head & Facial Features — Charlene Collins Freeman Art

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