Apostrophe Poems Examples

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Apostrophe Poems Examples – 2 Allusion – An allusion in a literary work to something other than the work, especially a famous event, person, history, or literary work. When T.S. Eliot wrote in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” “Squeeze the universe into a ball,” he was alluding to “Let us play with our strength and all/Their sweetness. I become a ball to his shy mistress on “Marvell’s.” “These works often allude to the Bible or Greek mythology.

3 Antithesis Antithesis A discourse characterized by strongly contrasting words, clauses, sentences, or thoughts, as in “People suggest; God ordained.” An opposition is the balancing of one term with another for emphasis or stylistic effect. The second line of Alexander Pope’s couplet below is an example of a couplet: “The hungry will soon judge the verdict, and the wretched man whose jury may dine is hanged. Give the people your ears, but your voice is very few.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

Apostrophe Poems Examples

5 apostrophe apostrophe- An expression that directly refers to someone (usually but not always), some abstract quality, or a character that does not exist. Here’s an example of two apostrophes: Papa Above! For the mouse. – Emily Dickinson Milton! You deserve to live at this time; England needs you – William Wordsworth

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6 Evaluation of apostrophes Often, poets will use an interjection, such as “oh” or “ah,” before the item in question. “Oh, sweet rose!” The “O Dear Mirror” apostrophe is probably more frequent than you think! “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” is an example of an apostrophe.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

Consonants are consonants and consonants—repetitions of the same or similar vowels. “A waste land where all the young men were killed” repeats the same “a” in “put”, “waste” and “kill”.

10 Blank verse Blank verse – iambic parameters do not rhyme. Blank verse is the measure of most Shakespeare plays

Apostrophe Poems Examples

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11 Dissonance The opposite of “pleasant”—a harsh, unpleasant sound or combination of tones. It may be an unconscious flaw in the poet’s music that causes it to be jarring or difficult to pronounce, or it may be a conscious use to effect, as Browning and Eliot often used. For example, consider the following line from Browning’s “Rabbi Ben Ezra”: Irks care the crop-full bird? Wondering about suspicious stuffed animals?

Who went with Fergus? By William Butler Yeats Who will drive with Fergus now, Through the mingled shadows of the thick woods, And dance on the flat shore? O young man, raise your red-brown eyebrows, raise your tender eyelids, girl, and hope and fear no more. Turn no more to ponder love’s bitter mysteries; For Fergus rules over the bronze chariot, Over the darkness of the woods, And the white chest of the dim sea, And all the meteors of confusion.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

14 Cesura caesura – Pause, near the middle of a line of poetry, usually marked with punctuation, usually larger than regular pauses. “Mistakes are human; pardon, divine. Are they in the arms? He doesn’t send me?

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16 Conceit conceit- long and extended metaphor. Often, meaning is the framework for the entire poem. A famous example of conceit appears in John Donne’s poem “Farewell: Forbidden to Mourn,” in which he compares his and his wife’s souls to a mathematical compass.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

17 Consonant Consonant – Repeating the same consonant sound in a group of words. This term usually refers to words that end in the same consonant but are preceded by a different vowel. Homophones occur in the following word pairs: “add” and “read”, “bill and ball”, and “born” and “burn”.

Once upon a dreary midnight when I was feeling weak and tired going through strange volumes of forgotten lore I nodded and almost dozed off and suddenly there was a knock on the door as if someone was knocking and there was a guest and I whispered, just hey, That’s all.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

Definition And Examples Of Aposrophe In Literature

24 Academic Poems Academic poems- A poem mainly used for teaching. It is difficult to distinguish didactic poetry from non-canonical poetry, and often involves a subjective assessment of the author’s purpose to critics or readers. Alexander Pope’s critical essays are a prime example of didactic poetry.

Dramatic poem—Poetry in which some element or elements of dramatic form or dramatic technique are used as a means to a poetic end. Dramatic monologues are an example.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

26 Elegy egyy – A solemn and enduring poem expressing the poet’s thoughts on death or other serious subject.

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28 End-stopped end-stopped – There is a break at the end of the line. A line ending with a period, comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation point, or question mark is a terminating line. The real ease of writing comes from art, not chance. People who have learned dance are the easiest.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

29 Enjambment Enjambment – The continuation of meaning and grammatical structure from one line of poetry to the next. Milton’s Paradise Lost is noted for its use of ornament, as shown in the following lines: Or if Mount Sion pleases you more, the springs of Siloa shall flow swiftly according to God’s prophecy,

31 Extended Metaphor Extended Metaphor Extended Metaphor – Implicit analogy or comparison, throughout a stanza or throughout a poem. In his book The Bait, John Donne compares beautiful women to bait and men to fish that want to be caught by women. Since he makes these comparisons throughout the poem, they are considered “extended metaphors”.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

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Eupphony is the opposite of “cacophony” (dissonance) – a style in which melodious word combinations dominate. Its opposite is noise. The following lines from Keats’ Endymion are interesting: A beautiful thing is always a joy: Its beauty increases; it never passes into nothingness; but fills the silence and sleep in our woods Sweet dreams, health and peaceful breathing.

36 Free verse – Poems that are not written in traditional verse but still have rhyme. The poetry of Walt Whitman is perhaps the most famous example of free verse.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

37 Metonymy Metonymy – A verbal imagery characterized by replacing the word itself with the term of the named object closely related to the word in mind. In this way, we often refer to the king as a “crown”, which is an object associated with royal power.

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38 Mixed Metaphors Mixed Metaphors – A mixture of one metaphor and another, immediately after the first metaphor is inappropriate. Lloyd George is said to have said: “I smell a rat. I see it floating in the air. I’ll kill it from scratch.”

Apostrophe Poems Examples

39 Oxymoron oxymoron – A form of paradox that combines a pair of opposite terms into one expression. This combination is often used for the purpose of shocking the perceived reader. Examples include “Wise Fool,” “Sad Joy,” and “Eloquent Silence.”

40 Paradoxical Paradox – A situation, behavior, or feeling that appears to be contradictory, but upon re-examination proves to be true or at least makes sense. The following lines from a divine sonnet by John Donne contain the paradox: Take me to you, imprison me, for me You will never be free unless you charm me, And never pure, unless you rape me.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

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42 Parallelism Parallelism – similar grammatical structure in one or more lines of poetry. Parallelism is characteristic of Asian poetry, especially in the Psalms, and it seems to be the guiding principle of Walt Whitman’s poetry, as shown in the following lines: Constantly meditating, taking risks, throwing, looking for the orbs that connect them. Until the bridge you need is formed, until the strong anchor holds, until the fragile thread you throw somewhere, O my soul.

45 Puns – A game of words that sound the same or similar but have very different meanings. Wordplay can have both serious and humorous uses. “More affection, less affection”

Apostrophe Poems Examples

47 Paradox Evaluation Break my heart, three gods, for you beat, breathe, shine, seek healing; so that I may stand up, overthrow me, subdue your ability to break, blow, burn, renew me.

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48 Chorus – A group of words forming a phrase or sentence repeated at intervals in a poem by one or more lines, usually at the end of a stanza

Apostrophe Poems Examples

50 Irony Irony – A type of irony in which a person appears to be praising something but actually offends it. Its purpose is to hurt or harm.

51 Satire – An article that attempts to criticize society through humor. Satire is usually comedy in which bad habits and follies are corrected by exposing mistakes.

Apostrophe Poems Examples

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54 Synecdoche synecdoche- A metaphorical form referring to the part that implies the whole. For example, we refer to foot soldiers as “foot soldiers” and manual laborers who work in agriculture as “peasants”.

56 syntax syntax-ordinal

Apostrophe Poems Examples

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