Corporate Event Invitation Sample

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Corporate Event Invitation Sample – Event planning is an exhaustive (and tedious) process. From conception to planning to execution, no event requires one thing: guests.

In this article, we will show you what your event invitation emails need to be effective and provide you with examples and email templates for different types of events to help you take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Whether you use an email invitation template or create one from scratch, there are several factors that can make any invitation email more effective.

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Before we get into the details, here are some structure and branding ideas to help improve the performance of your email invitation.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Event invites from your business email rather than your personal address are more likely to capture the attention of your readers. This is because business email carries more weight, assuring guests that the event is official and sponsored by your company.

Just be sure to set the sender’s name to your company name in the invitation. Also, include your company name somewhere in the subject line if you want the invite to come from a person.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Sample Invitation Letters For Special Events

With over 300 billion emails sent and received daily, mailboxes are naturally overflowing. If you want your invitations to stand out and have a chance of being seen, your email subject lines need to generate clicks. Now is not the time to be vague about the content of your campaign.

The subject line of your event invite emails should highlight the most exciting, interesting, and engaging aspects of your event to increase open rates. Keep the less interesting details of the event in the email itself and focus on writing a catchy subject line. This is an essential part of any email marketing strategy.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

The preview text appears directly next to or below the subject line. This so-called “second subject line” gives you a second chance to explain what’s in your email and motivate the recipient to open it.

Corporate Event Party Appreciation Invitation Template — Tidylady Printables

While there is no magic subject line and preview text formula that will guarantee your audience’s attention, focus on being interesting and informative and include the title of the event. This way readers know why they clicked and what to expect after clicking. This will have a big impact on the click through rate of your emails.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

If email recipients forget your sender name, your header logo can remind them whose invitation they just opened. Your logo design is at the heart of your brand, so make sure it features prominently in the design of all invitation emails.

Especially for event marketing, consistent use of your logo (from invitations to cocktail napkins) will increase brand awareness and recognition. This helps make your brand memorable, increasing your event’s chances of generating ROI (immediately or long after the event ends).

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

How To Write A Vip Invitation Letter For Your Next Big Event

Your company logo is not the only element of your corporate identity that appears in invitation emails. You also need to consider the colors, fonts, and style of your company images.

Displaying consistent brand equity will help your event invitation emails build on brand awareness built by other marketing efforts. At the end of the day, campaigns can be a costly investment, so making sure they fit in with your overall marketing efforts and processes will help you get your money’s worth.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

While the body copy of your event invitation email should be functional, it should also be interesting. Why people should attend your event, not just how and when, should be at the center of your email. Even if you think you’ve made your point, take a step back and ask yourself:

Corporate Dinner Invitation

If you have world-famous speakers or an open bar, mention it in your invitation emails to generate interest and anticipation.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Some aspects of events look better than they sound. When it comes to highlighting things like locations, venues, and souvenirs, you should be showing, not telling. Multimedia content, such as photos of your venue or videos of your speakers, can be more inspiring to attendees than your descriptive description.

Strive to keep your content alive, otherwise readers may lose interest and leave. Images, videos, or gifs can cut down on the amount of words needed to get your point across. You can always send a more detailed text reminder via email later if needed.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Business Invitation Letter Texture Black Gold Style Template Template Download On Pngtree

Placement in your event invitations matters a lot, so be sure to choose a short email invitation template with a prominent call-to-action (CTA button) that leads to your landing page.

If you can’t convince people to come to your event in the first few paragraphs, adding five extra paragraphs won’t help either.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

You started an event invitation with your name and logo, and you should end it the same way.

Custom Printed Event Invitations & Announcements

Including your brand name, colors, logo, and social media links in your footer can cause unconvinced readers to skim through your post online and possibly change their mind. This way they can be convinced to attend your next event.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Different campaigns have different selling points and different needs, just like the emails you send for them.

To make your event team’s job easier, we’ve put together some event-specific tips and event invitation email templates. With these tips and event invitation email examples, you can be sure you’re sending the best invitations to any event.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Email Invitation Templates: How To Create And Use Them

These interactive online seminars offer office workers a quick way to learn industry information. When you invite your audience to a webinar, you want to make sure they know why it’s worth their time.

Focus your email invitations on explaining what attendees will learn from your online event. Get to the bottom of the webinar highlights by emphasizing exactly what attendees are talking to your team for an hour or two. You can use this email invitation template to remind your audience of an upcoming webinar:

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

If you’re still deciding whether or not to participate, here are reasons why [insert number] is worth a visit:

Event Invitation Email Template & Samples

Whether online or offline, exclusive sales allow you to create a sense of urgency by providing VIP service to your best customers. However, sales invitation emails need to look like more than just soliciting money. Focus on the uniqueness of the event, as well as offers and discounts.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

If you’re offering a free gift or a 50% off purchase, highlight those points in your event invitations to increase attendance. Don’t skimp on the fine print, as it’s best for buyers to know the details and exclusions before making a purchase. Here is the exclusive sales email in action:

This [date] we will be offering discounts up to [percentage off] on [related products] exclusively to our [loyalty level] customers.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Letter Of Invitation For Sports Event Template

Announcing a new product to the world is exciting (and scary) for any company. Launching a product can be a daunting task when you’re building an audience. Whether you’re inviting people to join in person or via webcast, you want your email invitation to generate buzz without completely ruining the surprise.

While webinars and exclusive sales require you to explain in advance why attendees came, launching a product requires a bit of mystery. Remember: the whole point of a launch is to make a big, compelling announcement. It’s almost impossible if your invitation to an event is in the news. Here is a product launch announcement email invitation template to inspire you:

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Be the first to know all about [insert new product or service] and get exclusive access to [attendance benefits].

Event Invitation Template

Whether you focus on education through seminars or highlight products through trade shows, hosting conferences and business events can improve your image as an authority in your industry.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

On the educational side, e-invitations to workshops should emphasize key findings that participants would like to receive. If you have famous speakers or speakers on your panel, removing those names from your invitation emails can help people buy tickets to your upcoming event.

If you are hosting an industry trade show, include the company in attendance as a sponsor along with any relevant educational sessions they will host. You can carve out a bit more of a niche here, as members are usually limited to specific industries.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Free Online Corporate Event Invitation Templates

As with all conference events, don’t be afraid to go beyond business. If you have parties or after work events, highlight them as networking opportunities. This will show attendees the added value of your conference beyond what will be said at your booth or stage. To help you get started, check out this email meeting invitation template:

The annual [name and type of meeting] of [company name] is coming up. This year, we are more than ever with [Number] Guests, [Number] Speakers and [Number] Networking Events expected, all in [Number] Days.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

Want to mark a star in your industry, client or company? An awards show is a powerful way to show appreciation and earn some loyalty in the process.

Word Of Company Invitation Letter.docx

At awards events, attendees should learn about award categories, nominees, and any related entertainment.

Corporate Event Invitation Sample

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