Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

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Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern – Beer crate hats are popular accessories for frat parties and tailgates, and luckily they’re inexpensive and relatively easy to make. Here’s how to make your own beer crate hat:

Start with three empty beer crates (which can hold up to 24 cans of beer.) Make sure they are intact and free of tears or damage. Depending on the look you want, you can choose one brand of beer or choose different brands for your hat. Carefully open each box and place the printed side down (brown side up) Flatten each box.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Measure the length of the head with the tape by wrapping the string around the largest part. Mark or cut the string where it cuts itself.

Cowboy Hat Vector Art, Icons, And Graphics For Free Download

To make the main part of the hat, you will need string again. Place the string evenly along the edge of the third box. Mark the box where the string ends. Add about an inch to cover the body of the hat and secure it. Next, measure a straight line parallel to the edge you just marked. The distance between the two rows is the height of the hat (a minimum of four inches is recommended, but you can make it larger if you want a taller, top hat style.)

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Cut along the lines so you have a long strip of cardboard. Fold one long edge of the strip half an inch inward (the brown side.) Then fold the other long edge half an inch, this time outward (the weighted side). Bring the two ends of the tape together and secure with glue or packing tape.

Place the top (circle) hat piece brown side up on the table. Place the hat frame on top of the round piece, making sure all the edges are aligned. Use clear packing tape on the side of the brown cardboard to stick the two pieces together. Turn the attached parts right side up.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Gold Light Up Cowboy Hat

Slide the border all the way down with the pieces attached so that it fits inside the folded bottom edge. Use clear packing tape to attach the brim to the rest of the hat. That’s it – the awesome beer crate hat is done! Make sure it fits properly and you’re good to go. About: My name is Walker and I firmly believe that most things in life can be fixed with duct tape and zip-ties, and this site is intended to explore anything temporary, hacked, and otherwise rigged to serve… more at diwhydotlife »

It’s easy to make a cowboy hat out of almost any drink container, shoe box, or other cardboard material with my downloadable template. This fun, handmade craft is sure to please the beer or soda lover in your life. Downloadable templates make it easy to place logos and graphic elements on the front, side or brim of the hat. Each hat takes about an hour to make. Ready to get started?

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Once the PDF is downloaded, print it and make sure the scale settings are set to 100%.

The Wild West Meets The Southern Border

Use the layout icons for each printout to determine the correct orientation for each page. The edge model can be taped together so that the edges of the paper are tightly aligned. However, the crown model can be adjusted for different hat sizes. I recommend about 1/4″ spacing between the template pages when taping together for the average adult (I think my head is average).

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Use the template as a guide and determine the best position of the template for optimal placement of graphic elements. Remember that the center of the design is at the top of the hat, so all graphic elements should be on the outside of the center. Once you find the ideal position for the model, use some creases in the packaging as a reference point and measure the position of the model relative to the reference point. Next, turn the box over and use the reference point as a guide and try to get the pattern in the same spot on the box. When you are satisfied with the position of the model, tape it in place with a few small pieces of tape.

Draw the outline of the design on the bottom of the cardboard box with a Sharpie-type marker. Also don’t forget to mark the eight slots (see picture). Also, don’t forget to score the center of the hat. Mark the center about 5-6 inches from the top of the side panel to the bottom of the side panel (see photo). Be careful not to cut all the way through the cardboard, a weak point is better than a hard point.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

St. Patrick’s Sequin Cowboy Hat: Gold Clover [28297gnao]

Note: You will eventually need to trace and cut two edges, but I recommend only cutting one edge now because your hole may be too big and use an edge piece with a large hole in the bottom where it goes. can’t see

After transferring the shape of the designs to the box, cut it out with an art knife or knife and ruler. Don’t forget to cut eight slits (see picture).

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Now that your crown is cut, fold and crease the left and right side panels (see picture). Depending on the placement of the graphic elements on the front or side of the bucket, you can glue the top flap to the front and back flaps or vice versa. Once you’ve determined this and the glue gun is hot and ready to go, apply glue to the inside of the flap in a triangle shape and sew the flap together, leaving about 1/4 inch of space at the bottom of the flap. Repeat this for all four flaps. Be careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue.

Light Up Groom Cowboy Hat In Black

Note: Before proceeding, do a crown fit test. At this point it should fit well and not be too tight or too loose. If it doesn’t fit, you can carefully separate some of the flaps, being careful not to tear them, and re-glue them either tighter or looser.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

I recommend gluing the sporty headband to the crown of the hat as a final step (we’ll cover that later) so, if you’re going to do this, you really want the hat to be a little loose on your head. At the point when the crown suits your taste, you are ready to proceed.

Remember the result when we took a few steps back? Now it’s time to apply some pressure and give this crown a great classic cowboy crease.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

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Cut a piece of scrap paper about 4-5 inches tall (the height of the crown) to fit around the crown and mark about 1 inch along one edge with a marker. Wrap a piece of paper around the crown and mark around the crown in a straight line.

After markings are made around the crown, use scissors on each mark. Next, lift up the tab and continue cutting and folding the tab around the crown.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

After your crown is torn, place the edge you cut earlier over the crown. Check that the hole in the edge fits properly. If it is too short, the border will not fit into the crown. If you can see the tab, the hole in the edge is too big. If so, cut another cylinder with a smaller hole that will fit better, otherwise, cut another edge piece to match the first. After the edge pieces are cut and properly seated, apply a generous layer of spray adhesive to the inside of both edges and quickly attach the top and bottom edges with a center crown. Let the glue dry for 10-15 minutes.

Montana Man Customizes Cowboy Hats

After the glue dries a bit, it’s time to give your cowboy hat a little breather by bending up the sides and bending down the front and back of the brim. How much bend you want is up to you, but I think the more character the hat has, the better.

Beer Box Cowboy Hat Pattern

Add a sporty headband to the inside of the crown if your hat is a little too big or if you want to ride a bull with a hat. Stretch it and glue it in place with hot glue.New: Brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged items (including handmade items). View Seller… Read more about Condition New: Like new, unused, unopened, undamaged items (including handmade items). View complete information about the seller. View all status definitions open in a new window or tab

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