Excel Templates For Product Inventory Trackers And Reorder Forms

Wednesday, January 3rd 2024. | Excel Templates
Inventory Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Template
Inventory Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Template from soulcompas.com


Excel templates are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, providing a convenient and efficient way to organize and manage various tasks. One area where Excel templates can be particularly useful is in creating product inventory trackers and reorder forms. In this article, we will explore how these templates can streamline your inventory management process and help ensure that you never run out of essential products.

Why Use Excel Templates for Product Inventory?

Excel templates offer a range of benefits when it comes to tracking and managing product inventory. Firstly, they provide a structured and organized format for entering and storing data. You can easily input information such as product names, quantities, and prices, allowing you to have a clear overview of your inventory at all times.

Additionally, Excel templates allow you to perform calculations and generate reports based on your inventory data. This can be extremely useful for analyzing trends, identifying fast-selling products, and making informed decisions about reordering.

Creating a Product Inventory Tracker

To create a product inventory tracker using an Excel template, start by selecting a template that suits your needs. There are numerous templates available online, many of which are free to download and use. Look for a template that includes fields for product name, quantity on hand, reorder point, and supplier information.

Once you have downloaded the template, open it in Excel and start entering your product information. Be sure to include accurate and up-to-date data, as this will form the basis for your inventory management activities.

With your inventory data entered, you can now use the template to track stock levels and generate reorder forms. The template will typically include conditional formatting or color-coding to highlight products that have reached their reorder point. This allows you to quickly identify items that need to be restocked.

Generating Reorder Forms

Excel templates can also be used to create reorder forms, which streamline the process of restocking products. To generate a reorder form, you can set up a separate sheet within the template that automatically pulls in data from your inventory tracker.

Include fields for product name, current quantity, and suggested reorder quantity. The suggested reorder quantity can be calculated by subtracting the current quantity from the reorder point specified in your inventory tracker. This ensures that you always have enough stock on hand to meet customer demand.

Once you have completed the reorder form template, you can print it out or save it as a PDF to send to your suppliers. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry when placing orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I customize the Excel templates for my specific needs?

Yes, Excel templates can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements. You can add or remove fields, adjust formatting, and personalize the templates to align with your branding.

2. Are there any limitations to using Excel templates for inventory management?

While Excel templates are a powerful tool for inventory management, they do have some limitations. If you have a large and complex inventory, you may find that a dedicated inventory management software offers more advanced features and functionality.

3. Can I use Excel templates on Mac computers?

Yes, Excel templates can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. Microsoft Excel is available for both operating systems, allowing you to create and edit templates seamlessly.

4. Are there any alternative software options for creating product inventory trackers?

Yes, there are alternative software options available for creating product inventory trackers. Some popular alternatives include Google Sheets, Airtable, and specialized inventory management software such as TradeGecko and Fishbowl.

5. Can I use Excel templates for tracking inventory in multiple locations?

Yes, Excel templates can be adapted to track inventory in multiple locations. You can create separate sheets or tabs within the template for each location, allowing you to easily manage and analyze inventory across different sites.


Excel templates provide a simple yet effective solution for creating product inventory trackers and reorder forms. By utilizing these templates, businesses can streamline their inventory management process, ensure optimal stock levels, and eliminate the risk of running out of essential products. Take advantage of the numerous templates available online and start optimizing your inventory management today.


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