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Actors Contract Template – A standard actor’s contract is a written employment contract between an actor and a client or employer. It is a legally binding document, so it protects the interests of both the parties involved and states all their terms and conditions for completing the deed.

Whether you’re in films and movies, live performances, or TV, standard contact with actors will help you secure your rights and create an atmosphere of professionalism and prestige.

Actors Contract Template

Actors Contract Template

When you expect to land more than one acting role, an actor’s contract template will be your next best friend. With this, you’ll be able to write down all your standard requirements and be ready to go when you land your next big role.

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It is important to remember that an actor’s contract does not always contain a release form, which is a separate legal document in itself. An actor’s contract provides employment security and protects the rights and interests of all parties involved, while a release form states that the actor is giving up ownership of their performance for use in conjunction with the series.

Actors Contract Template

Basically, if you want your show to be credited to you, the actor has to sign a release form.

Below you’ll find some standard sections and details to include in your actor’s contract template. For freelancers, it’s good to note that you may need to add other specifics to your freelance contract.

Actors Contract Template

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Part of the contract is where you explain the roles and responsibilities of both parties, as well as any expectations and performance requirements.

Along with the glitz and glamor of being an actor, you also have the responsibility to perform at a certain level agreed upon by the director, producers and yourself. Carefully outlining your performance expectations will help you and your client get a clear picture of what is expected of you during performance – giving you a minimum target. Usually, actors are required to sign a performance contract.

Actors Contract Template

For a director or production company, creating call sheets and spec sheets gives you more control over the entire production. This allows you to better convey your wishes to the actor during the performance.

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You must agree on the start and end dates of employment before you sign. For example, if a client wants to sign an actor for a TV series, they may need to dedicate months or years to the show. This may affect the type of employment contract required, such as a retainer contract or an independent contract.

Actors Contract Template

Your actor’s contract should also state the total number of hours the client wishes to devote to the new work. For example, a contract may contain a clause stating that the actor must be available for work 11 hours a day. It also indicates the number of times and dates the freelancers have to play.

This is where you want to add all your payment terms. For example, you may want to pay per show, per hour, or a flat rate per performance. It’s a good idea when you create an acting invoice to include your preferred payment method so you’re prepared and ready to send it to your client.

Actors Contract Template

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Remember that how much you charge is entirely up to you and will vary depending on the other party involved. It’s always wise to discuss your payment options early on in the deal, as this can often make or break the deal.

Every actor’s contract should have an expense section. This means that the actor is compensated for travel, accommodation, food or anything else essential to the production. The production company may decide whether to provide such accommodation on set or location or provide monetary equivalent.

Actors Contract Template

Sometimes, a location agreement may be necessary, as actors have to travel to different locations to perform on set.

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Many actors have to make business deals to appear in books, posters, t-shirts. At times, you may be required to appear on talk shows, premieres and other events beyond the scope of filming and production. While this may not apply to every actor, it is important to discuss whether or not it applies to you in your acting contract. You should always seek professional advice on anything related to merchandising and what you should ask for compensation.

Actors Contract Template

Some actor contracts may require the employer to grant rights to use the actor’s name and likeness for the project. This clause allows you to use your image, name or likeness as a bargaining chip to get better compensation for commercial or promotional purposes.

It is an essential part for actors as it limits the right to act in another acting role. Sometimes, an actor wants to take up other roles that are offered during the contract time period. This means that they may not be available on some days and may disrupt the production flow.

Actors Contract Template

Employment Agreement, Actors

An exclusive agreement need not be yes or no. You can agree on which days, dates, months or years the actor should be. Outside of that agreed time, they are free to do any acting job they choose! Note that a flexible separation agreement should include restrictions on any physical changes the actor may undertake for other roles.

It is a good idea to get legal advice from a lawyer about special rights in your country.

Actors Contract Template

Every contract needs a termination clause. It can be after the premiere of the film, film or finished product or a date specified by the production company and the director.

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It should include any reasons for early termination and who will be liable if one party terminates the contract. Two or more parties must agree on these reasons for a smooth signing experience.

Actors Contract Template

Other factors to consider are public liability insurance for the business, actor’s photography sessions or intellectual property rights.

Liability insurance is something to consider as it covers the business in case of accidents on set. Actors may require photo sessions when principal photography and principal photography begin. Intellectual property rights can be important when considering the ownership of phrases, images or anything that requires permission to use.

Actors Contract Template

One Sheet Example

Only you will know everything your contract requires, however, an actor contract template is the surest way to ensure that all your needs and requirements are met for every contract.

Register now on Bonsai, it’s free and from there you can select an actor contract to edit and use for your next booking.

Actors Contract Template

Let’s face it, creating and editing a contract yourself is a lot of effort that can slow down your journey to stardom. Contracts though

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A must-have form for every actor. So instead of spending a lot of time preparing one from scratch, you can use the actor contract template from Bonsai.

Actors Contract Template

Everything needed to get a fair deal is included in the template. The best part is that each template can be easily edited and customized to suit your professional requirements.

Once you reach level five, you will be able to view your entire verified actor contract. If you want to make any changes to the template, you can do so at this point. Once you are completely happy, you e-sign and send it to your client to do the same.

Actors Contract Template

Nudity Rider To Actor Contract

An actor’s rate always depends on a variety of factors. With big movie stars charging an obscene amount more than the average television show, fame might be the first thing that comes to mind.

For the average actor or performer in the US, fair compensation typically falls between $23-$34 an hour. Remember that not only experience and reputation determine your fair rate, but the type of production, what state or country you’re in, and other factors that can change what you consider a reasonable rate.

Actors Contract Template

It is not unknown for actors to break contracts and suffer financially with huge fines. Most actors don’t have to worry about fines

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At large, a breach of contract is certainly considered serious misconduct for any party involved. Depending on the termination clause you and the actor agree to, you may be entitled to compensation if the actor terminates its contract with you. If this situation arises, it is always wise to seek advice from a legal expert or lawyer on the proper procedure.

Actors Contract Template

An actor is usually required to sign a contract with their employer when they are hired for an acting role. It may be called actor’s contract or actor’s agreement. Ready for your next big role? Create your own freelance contract by signing up with Bonsai today!

Use Bonsai’s freelance actor contract to draft job descriptions, shooting schedules, payment terms, termination agreements, etc. A contract protects the interests of both parties – you and the manufacturing company. If any of you have

Actors Contract Template

Actor Employment Agreement For Non Union Day Performers

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