Christmas Card Letter Ideas

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Christmas Card Letter Ideas – If you struggle with your Christmas letters every year and dread the thought of writing them, maybe you should look into other ways to create a “letter”.

Who says it has to be a letter anyway? Some are not great writers, but they can be creative in many other ways.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

So break out of the box and give your readers something new this year. Here are four creative Christmas letter ideas to get you started.

The Best Christmas Card Ideas For 2022

You don’t have to write long prose to tell people about your year. Give them a little test. For example, they can guess:

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Be creative! You’ll have fun coming up with questions and your readers will have fun guessing the correct answers.

If you love to write and are bored with the old “Dear-family-and-friends-this-is-this-for-us-this-year” format, try putting your personal information into a story.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

How To Write A Christmas Card People Actually Want To Read

Create a short story featuring Santa Claus, an elf, the Grinch or another Christmas character and let your characters tell your readers about your year.

Forget the 20th Century paper and envelopes! You can create a digital Christmas letter with an online service such as Smilebox. This service makes it easy to create slideshows with your own original text. The digital “letter” can be emailed or added to a blog or website.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Or, if you’re still stuck with snail mail and want to make sure your friends and family have something in their inbox, you can print your masterpiece from Smilebox or burn it to DVD and then send it the traditional way.

Annual Christmas Newsletter Is Our Family Journal

We share the task of writing a Christmas letter by drawing names and then writing about that family member’s year. When children were young, they needed help from adults but were still able to draw good lines about the family member they drew. The letters we create in this way are more informative and fresh than those written alone.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

What my friends and family enjoyed the most (and what I’m most proud of) was like the front page of a newspaper, but on a much smaller scale. I had a headline (the main event), then an opinion column (written by my then eight-year-old self) throughout the year. I had columns for social news and sports news. I will probably do it again at some stage.

@Glenda and @Laurie – thanks for the great suggestions. It looks like you both made fun and creative Christmas cards.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Christmas Card Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of Yet • Familyapp

I made a letter that was a family recipe, listing ingredients like “add a 13-year-old girl’s spices” and “full cup of sugar,” then mix it all together and “let it simmer. prayer” until mom and dad “bubble with pride.” It was well received.

I have used all of these ideas and ALL of my friends now look forward to seeing what comes next every year. Other ideas I’ve done…(1) I drew a board, like Monopoly, and in each space I wrote something I did that year and (2) I wrote a “To Do List” list highlighting what to do. I did it that year. The last “Happy Holidays to my family and friends. Each item listed had a check box next to it and I checked each one by hand. We write a creative Christmas letter every year to leave with our photo to let family know what’s going on in our lives. Here’s Some ideas to make your Christmas letters stand out.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

My mom is a very creative woman and every Christmas when we were growing up she would send a cute Christmas letter with our picture to go on a Christmas card. I’ve stuck to tradition because I just like to make life difficult. . . . Well, I really enjoy it. I like to think of a clever/little/funny way to share what’s going on in our lives.

Best Holiday Card Messages

Write a letter to Santa asking for things that will help the family this year. For example “Dear Santa, Maren would love a new violin this year – she’s been wearing hers with all the shows and practices!”

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Really I know it sounds silly, but that’s part of the fun of writing Christmas letters. Haiku (if you don’t remember from school) has a 5-syllable line, then a 7-syllable line, then a 5-syllable line. And it’s so much fun to write them. For example:

We did it a few years ago and people loved it. Check out this post about our family vocabulary.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Top 6 Festive Christmas Card Ideas & Free Templates To Spread Holiday Cheer

Make your family newsletter like a newspaper with separate sections for sports, education, politics, art and announcements. A very fun way to present cards.

Pretend your family is gathered as a doll family. What accessories would you bring? Check out our Doll Family Christmas letter from a few years ago.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

This was probably the easiest letter to write. We listed all the reasons our family had to write a Christmas letter that year and let people know it was off. People enjoyed it a lot. Read the full canceled Christmas letter in this old post.

Free Christmas Letter Templates And Newsletter Ideas

In an election year, you can nominate your family as a political candidate for election. Check out our candidates’ Christmas newsletters from a few years ago.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

What does your family consist of? Write a recipe for each member of your family. Read more about this idea in our recipe Christmas card blog from a few years ago.

What are the 10 best things that happened to your family this year? Write about what is happening.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Christmas Card Images

See how closely your friends and family have followed your life. Write a smart multiple choice test for fun. For example:

Some of you will be smart enough to figure this out. I’m not a poet, but maybe Jason will write one someday. I have a poetic family though. One year my brother Greg wrote a great poem for the family Christmas letter that makes me laugh. Here’s part of the beginning and end:

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Of course, right? Give clues and have people complete a crossword because Marty’s idea wasn’t so stupid.

Cool Things To Do With Used Christmas Cards

One year when I was in college, my mom called me and told me that I was in charge of creating new words for a Christmas song that year. Each child had to do their own thing. They compiled it into the “Smith Family Songbook” and mailed it to friends. Crazy, huh? And the truth is, my youngest brother John stopped doing one thing and my mother did it just for him, because that’s what happens when you’re the baby of the family. I’d share mine as an example, but it’s too embarrassing.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Wanted: Nathan (5), for excessive laughter and cuteness, taking away fruit snacks and reading beyond his age. Watch out for the chase – the suspect has some tough ninja moves and is carrying a lot of sword-like objects.

What superpowers does the family have? What is the name of your super team? What heroic things have you done this year? What evil have you conquered? There are many possibilities with this.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Christmas Greetings + What To Write In A Christmas Card

This invited our friends and family to find out which of us was the favorite by answering a series of questions. Read more about our Creative Christmas Quiz.

That’s all for now. I’ll add more as I think of them. I haven’t posted the Christmas letter I’m making this year because I want it to be a surprise. . .One of our family’s traditions each year (or should I say mine?) is to write Christmas letters highlighting the past year. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do this time of year!

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

I actually have a neat little book my mom gave me a few years ago that I keep all my Christmas letters in every year. I started in 2009 so based on this year I have 5 characters. I recommend this to those of you who like to look back on years. You can see where you have been and where God has led you! (and honestly, no one I send letters to keeps them anyway) 🙂

Free Custom Printable Christmas Card Templates

I found this neat free template last year and the same lady made it for this year! I got creative using picmonkey, my favorite free online editing tool, and this year I made a personalized Christmas letter revision to fit our family.

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Rachel is the mother of four children and the wife of a health practitioner. His passion is religion, family and health. She writes about her family adventures and encourages you to make healthier choices for your family. Cards and letters are great ways to connect with friends and family during the holidays. Use the examples, ideas, and tips in this article to create meaningful and responsive messages.

Why not make this year’s holiday special? One way to do this is to express your inner feelings

Christmas Card Letter Ideas

Fun Ideas For Creative Christmas Letters

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