Battle Of The Alamo Map

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Battle Of The Alamo Map – The events of the Runaway Scrape took place mainly from September 1835 to April 1836 and involved the evacuation of Texans fleeing the Mexican army from the Battle of the Alamo to the decisive Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution. A provisional government promoted the new Republic of Texas, and most of the civilians fled east before the Mexican forces. Conflict erupted after Antonio López de Santa Anna abrogated the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and imposed martial law in Coahuila and Texas. The Texans protested and declared independence. Appointed commander-in-chief of the Provisional Army of Texas (before such an army existed), Sam Houston was tasked with recruiting and training a force to fight Santa Anna’s army.

Residents of the Gulf Coast and San Antonio de Bexar began evacuating in January after learning Mexican troops were moving into their areas, a pattern repeated across Texas. During the first skirmish, several Texans surrendered as prisoners of war, but Santa Anna demanded that they be executed. News of the Battle of the Alamo and the massacre of Goliad struck fear into the population, prompting a mass exodus of civilians from Gonzales, where the opening battle of the Texas Revolution had begun just days before the fall of the regime. Alamo, they had troops to reinforce the mission’s defenses. As Houston spent time training troops and building a military structure capable of withstanding Santa Anna’s larger force, the civilian refugees were escorted by a newly formed provisional army. Houston’s actions were denounced as cowardly by the Provisional Government and some of its soldiers. As he fled with the refugees from Gonzalez, first to the Colorado River and second to the Brazos, evacuees from other areas flooded in and new militia groups arrived to join Houston’s forces.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Battle Of The Alamo Map

The towns of Gonzales and San Felipe de Austin were burned to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Mexican army. Santa Anna planned to execute members of the Provisional Government of the Republic who had fled from Washington-on-the-Brazos to Harrisburg and New Washington to Groys Land. Finally, the government officials fled to Galveston Island, where Santa Anna burned Harrisburg and New Washington to the ground. About 5,000 residents of New Washington fled in fear of the Mexican army. After more than a month of military exercises, Houston arrived at a crossroads and while leading the main force southeast to engage the Mexican army, some were ordered to escort the fleeing refugees eastward. The Battle of San Jacinto then forced Santa Anna to surrender and sign the Treaty of Velasco.

Santa Anna’s Role In The Texas Revolution

In 1834, Mexican President Antonio López de Santa Anna abandoned the federalist political ideology, established an authoritarian government, and revoked the country’s 1824 constitution.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

A new Mexican state, each Mexican state is responsible for creating its own local constitution.

After removing the provincial governments, Santa Anna effectively established a dictatorship, placing Coahuila y Tejas under the military rule of Gerald Martin Perfecto de Cos.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

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When Santa Anna appointed Miguel Barragán as interim president, he also allowed Barragán to appoint him head of the Mexican task force.

He began assembling an army on November 28, 1835 to quell any rebellion in Coahuila y Tejas.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

He was soon followed by Jeral Joaquín Ramirez y Sesma, who led the Vanguard over the Rio Grande in December.

Why Is There A Battle Over How The Alamo Is Remembered? Ksat Explains

The 1835 consultation was held in San Felipe de Austin on November 3 of that year. They established a provisional government based on the 1824 constitution

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Sam Houston joined as a representative from Nacogdoches, who served as Nacogdoches’ military commander.

On December 10, the Geral Assembly called for new elections to elect representatives to decide the region’s fate.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

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The discussion authorized the creation of a Texas Provisional Army of 2,500 troops. Houston was named commander-in-chief of the new army, and the enlistment was announced on December 12.

Most of the Geral Assembly wanted to remain a part of Mexico, but with the restoration of the constitution in 1824, Governor Smith supported the opponents of full independence. Smith dissolved the Heraldic Council on January 10, 1836, but it is not clear whether he had the right to do so. He was impeached on January 11. The power struggle effectively shut down the government.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

The next day, 59 delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, establishing the Republic of Texas.

Texas Historical Maps

Houston’s military force was expanded on March 4 to include “land troops, privates, volunteers, and skirmishers of the Army of Texas.”

Battle Of The Alamo Map

David G. Burnet as President, Lorzo de Zavala as Vice President, Samuel P. Carson as Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson Rusk as Secretary of War, Bailey Hardeman as Secretary of the Treasury, Robert Potter as Secretary of the Navy, and David Thomas as Admiral of the Navy. As Attorney General.

The Battle of Gonzalez was the beginning of a chain of events that became known as the Runaway Scrape. The standoff began in September 1835 when the Mexican government tried to take back the bronze cannon given to Gonzalez in 1831 to protect the city from Indian attacks. Corporal Casimiro De León’s first attempt was to capture De León’s detachment and bury the cannon in a peach orchard.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Burial Ground Under The Alamo Stirs A Texas Feud

James C. Neill, a veteran of the Battle of Fiddler under Andrew Jackson, was in charge of the cannon after it was dug and wheeled.

When Lieutenant Francisco de Castañeda arrived with 100 men and made a second attempt to recapture the cannon, the Texans urged the Mexicans to “Come and take it.”

Battle Of The Alamo Map

John Henry Moore led 150 Texans to successfully repel the Mexican army on October 2. Later, a Gonzalez woman created a “Come and Get It” banner.

The Old Gonzales Road

The cannon was moved to San Antonio de Bexar and became one of the guns used by the defenders of the Alamo.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

The immediate result of the Texans’ victory at Gonzales was that two days later the number of volunteers swelled to over 300, and the Mexican army was determined to withdraw from Texas.

Meanwhile, volunteers led by George M. Collinsworth captured Presidio La Bahia from the Mexicans at the Battle of Goliad on October 9.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Battle Of The Alamo

On November 4, during the Battle of Lipantitlán, volunteers under Ira Westover captured the fort from the Mexican army on the banks of the Nueces River, 3 miles (4.8 km) from San Patricio.

Steph F. Austin sent a reconnaissance team under James Bowie and James Fannin 90 yards ahead to observe the Mexican forces. On October 28, while sheltering at Mission Concepcion, they repulsed an attack by 275 Mexicans under the command of Domingo Ugartechea.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Austin continued to send troops to Bexar. On November 26, Bowie ordered an attack on the Mexican supply convoy carrying the payroll. After it was discovered that the only commodity to feed the horses was grass, the resulting conflict became known as the Grass Wars.

The Alamo Begins 1836 Battle Cannon Replica Project

Edward Burleson was appointed commander when Austin was selected to join T. Archer and William H. Wharton in a diplomatic mission seeking international recognition and support.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

On December 5, James S. Neill began to distract Cos by firing direct artillery at the Alamo, while Benjamin Milam and Frank W. Johnson led hundreds of volunteers in a surprise attack. The fighting at the Siege of Bexar lasted until December 9, when Cos announced his surrender. Cos and his men returned to Mexico, but later joined Santa Anna’s forces.

About 300 of the Texan garrison at Becar joined Johnson and James Grant’s expedition to Matamoros on December 30 in a planned raid to capture the port for funding.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Republic Of Texas History Independence Republic Of Texas Map

As Sesma crossed the Rio Grande, Gulf Coast residents began fleeing the area in January 1836.

About 160 miles (260 km) north of Matamoros at San Patricio, Urrea’s forces ambushed Johnson and members of the expedition at the Battle of San Patricio on February 27. During the battle, 16 Texans were killed, 6 escaped, and 21 were captured.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

Urrea’s army turned 26 miles (42 km) southwest to Agua Dulce Creek and attacked Grant’s expedition on March 2, killing and capturing all but 11 of them. Five of them fled the Battle of Agua Dulce and joined Fannin, who wanted to reinforce Goliad’s defenses.

Maps Of The Battle Of San Jacinto Through The Years From Various Historians

Neal asked Houston to supply troops, supplies, and weapons. The Texans who joined the Matamoros expedition came within 100 yards of the Nile. At the time, Houston considered Bexar a military liability and did not want Santa Anna’s army to advance.

Battle Of The Alamo Map

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