Owl Drawings Easy

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Owl Drawings Easy – Beginners will benefit from this easy step by step owl drawing tutorial. This easy owl tutorial is perfect for very young children who want to start drawing.

All the drawing steps are included here, making it fun and easy to follow! Expect this drawing to take around 30 minutes, but the drawing process may take longer if the background is drawn in addition to the subject.

Owl Drawings Easy

Owl Drawings Easy

Learning to draw is much more fun when you have an easy to understand tutorial. Keep practicing!

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In today’s lesson we will learn how to draw an owl on paper. The construction and proportions of each part will be highlighted in each step of the lesson. Note that the blue lines are used to indicate the actual lines drawn at each step.

Owl Drawings Easy

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. PDF is a printable drawing tutorial of How to Draw an Owl. The final page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring page with just the outline and a bonus exercise to get kids creative!

An owl is a type of bird. Owls are found on every continent except Antarctica, and each owl species has its own unique hunting strategy. There are two main types of owls: daytime and nocturnal. Nocturnal owls hunt at night and day owls hunt by day.

Owl Drawings Easy

How To Draw A Cartoon Owl From Word Owl Drawing Tutorial For Kids

There are many species of owls around the world, with more than 200 species. Owls can be found on every continent except Antarctica, despite being the most common bird family in the world. Owls are found in a variety of habitats throughout the world. Owls live in forests, deserts, mountains, and swamps.

Different species of owls differ in size, color, and hunting abilities. There are some who wait for their prey like a hawk, while others use their ears to track their next meal.

Owl Drawings Easy

The long-eared owl is a small owl native to the northern hemisphere. They are found in Eurasia and North America.

Easy Owl Drawing In 4 Steps + Video Tutorial

Brown-eared owls are commonly found in wetlands such as swamps, swamps, and wet meadows. Since the 1950s, the population of this species has declined by up to 60% due to habitat degradation and contamination.

Owl Drawings Easy

The Barn Owl is not an endangered species, but it is considered a threatened species as its populations have steadily declined in recent years. Let’s learn to draw an owl… or 2 or 3! In this post, you will find step by step instructions for making an easy drawing of an owl! I’ll walk you through the steps of this adorable little winged creature that was scanned from an early 1900’s drawing book in my collection. At the bottom of the post, you’ll find a printable practice sheet that you can print out and have room to work with. The practice sheet also includes 2 other simple owl drawing lessons including a side pose and an owl head illustration. You can print as many practice sheets as you want, so you can keep doing it until you get the results you want. Personal use only.

Step 1 First draw the eyes of the Owl. Create 2 circles and fill them for the pupils (you may want to leave the white part to highlight the eye, or you can create it later with an eraser if you are using a graphite pencil). Create 2 more circles around the first one, leaving a space between them. Then create 2 curved lines as shown above.

Owl Drawings Easy

How To Draw Owl Easy Step By Step Instruction

Step 2 Next, extend the curved line so that it curves around the eyes and meets just below the top of this line, leaving a bit of space.

Step 3 Now let’s draw the body of the owl. Make an oval shape starting near her eye on one side and going towards her other eye on the other side.

Owl Drawings Easy

Step 4 Add 2 narrow, curved lines on each side of its body for the wings. Then add a U line at the bottom of its body for the tail. Draw two parallel straight lines for the branch, and then create 3 small ovals at the bottom of its body for the legs. Then draw a diamond shape for its beak, shading one side and leaving the other white to stand out. At this point, you have a very cute owl cartoon with these simple lines. You can stop there if you want, or you can continue to add more detail to the drawing.

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Step 5 In the last step of the drawing, add additional details as shown above to add texture and complete the illustration. If your drawing is in pencil, you can erase a little bit of glitter in both eyes if you didn’t leave white spots in the first step. I love the eyes of this little one, so expressive!

Owl Drawings Easy

Step 6. Now is the fun part! The only thing left to do is paint your cute owl! Grab some colored pencils, markers, or crayons and color your creation, then admire your masterpiece.

I’ve included a full size printable showing how to draw the 3 different types of owls. The tutorials include just the head of the owl, the long body of the owl, and the smaller little owl on top! As with the previous example, the drawing lesson starts with very simple shapes and then builds up to a finished image, complete with textured plumage and lots of detail. I also like simple cartoon images or doodles without details, they are great for children. A fun game for children and for those who like to draw, including adults! You might also like some of the other drawing lessons and drawing tutorials in this series. How to draw birds can be found HERE, how to draw dogs HERE, how to draw frogs HERE and how to draw squirrels. Now grab a pen or pencil and some paper and start drawing!

Owl Drawings Easy

Drawing Snowy Owls

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Owl Drawings Easy

These owl drawings are perfect to help you easily draw this beautiful bird and children will enjoy following the easy steps. The process makes the painting project much more interesting as the simple step by step creates something so beautiful that everyone will be amazed at the result. So, anyone who is new to learning how to draw an owl or just looking for something to do for fun, these owl drawing ideas are the best bonus.

Fabulous Colored Owl Simple Drawing On White Vector Image

Your project craft supplies should include a pack of drawing pencils and some paper. So start drawing and think of something to be proud of. Create beautiful, life-size drawings of different species of owls using these owl drawing ideas. You can try making a snowy owl or learn how to make just an owl face. Barn inspired? So make an owl or an owl with great horns! Just use ink and pen to draw the entire body of the owl and draw a realistic owl! Or you can try to make a Hedwig Harry Potter owl drawing by following the easy step by step owl drawing instructions.

Owl Drawings Easy

A beautiful image of an owl can be made without any problems by following simple instructions. Use these owl drawing ideas to learn how to draw a great horned owl, a beautiful wild animal that flies in the forest. This owl is also called a tiger owl because of its resemblance to a large tiger. Learn how to easily draw a great horned owl, for example, starting with an oval and a circle as the first

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