Indie Film Budget Template

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Indie Film Budget Template – But when you’re trying to get investors to fund your project, you may not have the money up front for something like that. And if you’re an independent filmmaker, the last thing on your mind is probably to make room for software in your budget.

So in this guide, we’re going to break down the film’s budget. This includes what your budget should cover when you are looking for investors, and what a more comprehensive budget should mean once you go green. We’ll also cover our free movie budget template that you can use to plan and track your spending.

Indie Film Budget Template

Indie Film Budget Template

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The Essential Guide For Crafting Film Budgets (with Free Film Budget Template)

While you can describe the format of a film’s budget in hundreds of ways, the following categories can be included in the initial budget:

Indie Film Budget Template

When working out your initial budget to attract investors, keep in mind that you will need additions to the genre of your project.

For example, if you’re making a low-budget documentary, you should share the budget and output of similar projects.

Indie Film Budget Template

How To Budget A Film (with Free Film Budget Template)

If you’re reading this, you probably understand the importance of developing and following a film budget. But because of budgeting

Although special editions may vary depending on the type of production – commercial, film, short film, TV show, etc.; Budgets are necessary and have general and universal reasons.

Indie Film Budget Template

Watch the video below where the Crimson Engine looks at examples of budget breakdowns for $10,000 and $100,000 and $1 million movies respectively.

Full Costs And Income Of A Major Film Festival

I’ll try to minimize cognitive dissonance by answering ‘how do I budget a movie’.

Indie Film Budget Template

Let’s see how to create a budget for a film by developing a movie budget sheet template and browsing the categories.

If you want to follow the movie budget template we provide, you can also download it here.

Indie Film Budget Template

Cost Reports For Film Production

To help, our spreadsheet includes a special pre-production budget template section. Here you can track ads, DP, gaffers and anything else you need during pre-production.

Preproduction can easily turn into a long, irregular, and expensive period. Good planning can save your day. Schedule training, prep, scouting, and anything else that needs to be done before everyone is ready.

Indie Film Budget Template

Many films average about five pages of script per day. Low-budget films can be a bit more complicated and have a limited number of locations, sometimes recording up to 10 pages. For commercials, it will vary depending on the script and length of shooting.

Film Budgeting: Steps And Techniques To Budget Like A Pro

Depending on your project, certain teams may need more days to prepare, so use the budget provided by a more experienced mentor or producer to get a clearer picture (pun intended).

Indie Film Budget Template

In this second section, you can add expenses and crew salaries related to shooting days. Everything from craft services to police officers are played. We included an estimated daily rate section in our templates, as well as a place to add overtime to keep track of your actual expenses.

While OT can be cheaper than a full day, you’ll still need at least three days of shooting to shoot everything that doesn’t fit into your film budget during prime photography.

Indie Film Budget Template

Download Free Filmmaking Production Documents

You want to get an allowance for OT because it will be cheaper than adding another day of shooting. Plus, even if you don’t use your entire allowance, you may be able to use that budget elsewhere.

Broadcasting, banquets, scouts, and per diem are some of the line items that should be included in your budget and are also included in this template. But we’ve made this template customizable as these costs will vary from project to project.

Indie Film Budget Template

Obviously, this is where you factor in costs specific to your location. You may need a film permit for public shooting as well as a shuttle bus for on-location shooting. Or, in some cases, for big names, you may even need an on-site trailer and limousine on standby. Of course, if you don’t count the big talents, you might end up paying for a trailer or two at base camp.

Filmmaker Toolkit — Film Impact Georgia

Style mask. However, you will need to factor in the cost per person when working out your movie budget. If you work with animals, there are fees that animal handlers should consider.

Indie Film Budget Template

Costumes cost money, and while you may have to factor that into your budget, you may also have to factor in various equipment costs.

Your production is actually costume making. Again, this will depend on a lot of different things and how and what you choose to bill.

Indie Film Budget Template

The Ultimate Guide To Film Budgeting (2018 Version)

Depending on your specific budget and project needs, you may decide to set aside money for locker room, production office, and any studio expenses. It is common practice to rent studio space for photo shoots.

Depending on your project, you may need a workforce that includes a props master, art director, and production designer.

Indie Film Budget Template

Whether you have this position or not, you may also want to track down any department-specific PAs here.

Download The Film Budget Template

This can be anything from paint to drills to props to signage preventing random people from exploring the set. This part of your budget will vary widely depending on what is needed, but clear, descriptive line items can help with planning during pre-production.

Indie Film Budget Template

Everything from lighting to handrail equipment needs to be considered; You can also enter kit costs here. Kit costs will vary by equipment and project. Note that it’s much easier to plan for bundle costs and not have to pay for them than the other way around.

Be it daily expenses or rough cut, you may want to back up your backup. A hard drive is a must and a timely chat with the postal team will help determine the appropriate cost.

Indie Film Budget Template

Make Film Budget Using Magic Movie Budgeting By Filmtrepreneur

Different fees can mean a lot… well, anything. Our example film budget sheet template includes a talent background check and legal fees.

This is where you can also budget for contingencies, whether it’s a downed location or a sick actor. Set aside 10% of your budget for the unexpected by coming up with your own contingency plan.

Indie Film Budget Template

For loss and damage, you’ll also want to set aside the amount you’ll need to pay to cover the deduction with your production insurance.

The Ultimate Film Budgeting Guide [free Film Budget Template]

Here you can calculate how much director time you need, from rehearsals to shooting and other post-production costs.

Indie Film Budget Template

Quite clear. But if you hire unionized talent, you should consider all union guidelines, as well as any other fees on top of the minimum union rate.

Talent airfare, ground transportation, hotels, and per diems are all things you will need to plan for depending on your project budget.

Indie Film Budget Template

Filmmaker’s Resume Example & Filmmaking Cv Guide

You’ll see it on the template — it includes everything you need to get your film across the finish line. This could be news monitoring, closed captioning, backups, etc.

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all answer for creating a movie budget, some projects may require budgeting software.

Indie Film Budget Template

When budgeting for a project, covering all of these expenses can be much more manageable. But it’s more than that, and ironically, one of the most obvious costs is the most overlooked. If you forget to factor in the wages associated with payroll, you may have a hard time when it comes time to get dressed.

Make A Film Business Plan Or Film Proposal And Pitch Deck By Filmtrepreneur

While some companies charge a flat fee, others charge a percentage based on the type of employee. By 2021, the rate for non-union workers is ¾ of 1% of all wages paid (although this figure varies for loan, contractor and union workers). But the general point is that it is very important to know these costs beforehand.

Indie Film Budget Template

Budgeting for a feature film is much more complicated than making a short film, so use your network to ensure the film’s budget is small… err. Give your number to an entertainment lawyer, sales agent, mentor, or anyone you can trust to tell you the truth.

If you’re a Hot Budget or Point Zero user and you’re also a customer, learn how to export your actual data directly to your preferred budgeting solution.

Indie Film Budget Template

Low Budget Films To Make A Million Dollars

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Indie Film Budget Template

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Indie Film Budget Template

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