Acrostic Poem On Earth

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Acrostic Poem On Earth – Did you know Earth Day is Friday this year? This means you can prepare for a week of study with your students on ways to help the environment. Here are some helpful books and resources to get you started!

Like many elementary school teachers, I build my foundational knowledge using picture books (fiction and non-fiction). Here are some books I would like to share:

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Acrostic Poem On Earth


Seasonal Acrostic Poem Bookmark Creative Writing Bundle Poems For The Year

I also like to prepare an anchor chart and prepare to collect our thoughts as we read:

Acrostic Poem On Earth

As I read, I record the ideas and comments students share on our anchor chart. Since I often connect our writing lessons to themes and holidays, students use this as a reference tool during their writing block as well:

When I have a whole week to focus on the upcoming vacation, I also tend to choose a chapter to read aloud or for guided groups. I want to share with you two stories from my childhood!

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Acrostic Poem About Energy

First and second graders will love to learn how this super kid solves his next case. During the week students read this book, they can take comprehension checks after each chapter.

We also focus on words from the text. I print the word cards on glossy paper so that the words stand out in the chart bag.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

After reading the text, we play a little game to remember the words. I print a second set of word cards in a different color. The game sounds simple, right? Not! When children find a match, they must be able to explain or use the word correctly in a sentence to keep the cards!

Solution: Acrostic Poem Analysis Group 1

When using this book as a read-aloud, the visual arrangement is a great tool to help students focus on their reading purpose. Since Cam Jansen’s books are part of the mystery genre, students can focus their attention on suspense, clues, and information about the mystery along the way.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Freddy is a guy that many students can relate to and connect with. Like the Cam Jansen series, you can follow the light after each chapter. Sometimes we write the answers and sometimes I use them to discuss the book.

After word games and activities, I like to check how well my students understand the words with a word search page.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Nature On Earth (acrostic 2)

Sometimes you need a little something extra, especially around the holidays. Remember that free money I promised? This is!

The first is the ABC order page. This one has students work to look at the second and third letters to figure out the correct order.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Next comes the word search. You can liven it up by having your students use blue and green crayons!

The Best Upper Elementary Earth Day Activities

Since April is Poetry Month, I’ve included a sample Earth Day acrostic poem. I suggest brainstorming the whole class on an anchor chart first. You can use any of the books listed above to collect words and action words that your students can use to write poems.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

The Little Pilgrim (Free Book Guide) Amazing Turkey Rescue Crankenstein Valentine Santa’s Stuck Freebies Trick or Treat Crankenstein Activities April is often celebrated as Poetry Month to encourage a full appreciation of poetry through reading, writing and memorization. This page contains links to 23 suitable children’s poetry sites:

Thursday, April 30, will be celebrated as “Kiss Your Day.” The high school will gather at 9:15 a.m. on the lawn to exchange bags with their friends and students. Elementary students in humanities classes will also do this, and high school students will have the opportunity to collect a poem from “pockets” that will be displayed around campus and shared with their friends Make sure to carry a towel in YOUR pocket that day and share it with someone else!

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Earth Day Choice Board

Our library lunches are on hiatus because February and March were very busy with Library Technology Week and our guest writer, but we’re ready to start again!

Email me at ilocker@ the afternoon before your child’s lunch so I know how many children you are expecting.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Our dear Anne is moving to Greece with her family, and a full-time library assistant opening will begin next August. The good thing is that one can start practicing in June (but the full-time salary doesn’t start until August). Applicants must love children of all ages, be avid readers and be tech savvy. Work visas are a must. Salary scale for the position of classroom assistant. The deadline for letters of interest and resumes is Friday, May 1st, and please send all items and/or questions about the opportunity to me at ilocker@.

Acrostic Poems By Teach Simple

Kindergarten: Rhymes and the book “Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Then each class wrote a group of Earth Day acrostic poems. Don’t forget to put your child’s books in a bag on library days so they can check out new books!

Acrostic Poem On Earth

First Grade: (we only saw 1B this week): We read poems from “Bill Martin Jr.’s Big Book of Poetry” as well as “The Amazing Dawson” by Chris Gall, about a boy who recycles old toys and creates crazy new creations.

Second grade: We read poems from “Bill Martin Jr.’s Big Book of Poetry.” and then students create their own acrostic poem EARTH. We reused the old CD-ROMs as a powerful support for the poetry.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Acrostic Poem On Earth, Poem By Sathyam Drew

Year Three (only seen in 3A): Students acted out the skits we started last week.

Year 5 (only seen in 5B): Students worked on the six prompts they wrote in February and then created posters for those prompts using the poster making website –

Acrostic Poem On Earth

If you’re a GoodReads member, feel free to join our “AIS Reads” group. In the Search section of the top banner, click Groups, then search for “AIS Reads!” join our group.

A Bunny Blog Hop

We subscribe to some of the best online reading sites, reading is just a click away from BookFlix and Tumblebooks!

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Bookflix, which doubles graphic and non-fiction books on similar topics, can be found at and the name is: ; and the password is: book12. There are quizzes for every couple and some books on Bookflix are even available in Spanish!

The TumbleBook library includes picture books, chapter books, storyboards, videos, and other educational resources that will keep your kids excited at recess! It can be found at and the user profile is: username: ; password: book

Acrostic Poem On Earth

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems

Tumblebook Cloud has books suitable for adults in grades 6 – 12. Available at: domain name: 2; password: login2  What is an acrostic? In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line represents a word or phrase. A word or phrase can be a name, an object, or anything you want. When children write acrostics, they often use their first name or sometimes a friend’s first name.

3  What is an acrostic? Usually the first letter of each line is capitalized. This makes it easier to see the word written at the bottom of the page.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

4  What is an acrostic? Acrostics are easy to write because they don’t require rhyme and you don’t have to worry about the rhythm of the lines. Each line can be as long or as short as you like.

Printable Earth Day Acrostic Poem Instant Download

Choose what you want to write about. Write your word below. Think of words or phrases to express your idea. Put your brainstorming words or phrases on the lines that start with the same letter. Complete the other lines to create a poem.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

My teacher gives me homework every day! Write for hours or read for hours. Kids need a break!

Names are a common theme. Try writing one with your best friend’s name and give it to them as a gift. You can use single words, phrases or whole sentences in your garden poem.

Acrostic Poem On Earth

What We Are Doing….

 Draw a picture of Halloween and then write an acrostic poem about it. Begin each line of the poem with the letter of that line.

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Acrostic Poem On Earth

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