Preschool Daily Schedule Template

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Preschool Daily Schedule Template – Schedules are an important way of life. They keep us going and take us to the places we need to be. In preschool classrooms, the daily schedule is the backbone of our day. At the beginning of the school year, I create our class schedule (using the 5 step method) and hang it in the room. But of course the little kids in our class can’t read it! I noticed many of my students asking “what do we do next?”, “when can we go out?” and “when is my mother coming?”. So I knew it was time to create some visual aids for my little non-readers!

Visual charts are a powerful tool for our classrooms, and they’re also fairly easy to put together. All you need is a long, thin pocket chart and picture cards that describe your daily activities according to your schedule. I like to use individual picture cards so that I (or the student) can flip them when the activity is complete. This makes it very easy for students to see what the next activity of our school day is.

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

I have noticed that many teachers do not spend time creating visual graphs for their preschoolers. But I truly believe that using picture graphs is a very powerful tool to have in your classroom management toolkit. The benefits outweigh the short time it takes to create a visual graphic!

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1. Students struggling to be away from home can take comfort in knowing what’s next. We collect the card at the end of each event. Sometimes I help my students who are struggling with divorce. You’d be very surprised how comforting it is for a nervous student to learn about the day’s events.

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

2. Helps children who do not like transitions. I will warn you when the Middle Ages end. We inform the students that the bell is ringing and we are cleaning up to get the circle time. The next activity is according to the visual schedule. I can point to a graph to explain why we are moving to another activity. It gives them clear expectations about how the day will go.

3. Children learn lesson routines faster when they are presented in a way they can understand (with pictures) – this works best for many of our visual learners!

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

Yellow And Purple Preschool Class Schedule

4. When the usual routine changes, it is worth referring to a visual schedule. Because children can feel out of place if the routine is different, a visual schedule helps them know what will happen next.

5. Visual graphs are a great way to help children learn the sequence of events in the classroom, especially when using the words “first,” “next,” and “last.”

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

6. Predictability helps children feel safe. We all want to know what the plan is for the day, and kids are no different! Visual schedules can help prevent negative behaviors from spiraling out of control.

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7. Save yourself by repeating verbal instructions and answers over and over. The faster your class learns the graph, the less you have to prompt for the next step. Plus, you keep your voice and your sanity when you don’t have to answer the question “what do we do next?” question again and again!

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

It’s important to keep in mind that while all the benefits of visual graphics are great, you have to use them! If you create a visual schedule for preschool children, but do not teach them how to use it, the schedule will be just noise on the wall.

Make reviewing your schedule part of your morning routine. This can be done during a circle or in a morning meeting. But just go through the schedule quickly so that the children can begin to associate the picture with the event. Also, take the time to announce your actions out loud and turn over your cards if you haven’t already. For example, when my kids are eating snacks, I say out loud, “Let’s check the schedule.” Then I go to the pocket chart and go through all the steps we’ve already taken. When I do this, I talk out loud – I give the children a clear idea of ​​how to use the chart.

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

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One idea could be a classroom job or a helper who is responsible for turning the flashcards into a chart. This makes changing schedules a chore that is sure to get done because the kids won’t let you forget to let them do their thing!

The final idea of ​​using visual graphics comes from those who may have more individual needs. If you find that a student is struggling with transitions, a single schedule may be just the ticket. Print the visual chart cards at 25% and make a little board for this child. This works well for children with special needs or who may need to update schedules daily.

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

To make introducing visual graphics into the classroom even easier, I’m sharing my visual graphics cards with you! With 21 different free visual graphics cards, you can easily create your own. Just grab the free printable and pocket chart!

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Preschool Daily Schedule Template

Creating a lesson schedule can be one of the most important plans you make for your preschool classroom. Organizing the school day to run smoothly requires thought and thought. Because the truth is… your daily schedule can make or break the behavior you see in the classroom.

Imagine if you plan and complete a 30 minute lap time at the beginning of the year…then you might have little roller kids on your mat. Or, if you don’t schedule a snack between arrival time and lunch, you’ll have “hungry” students because the snack or lunch is too far away! What about business… If your outdoor time is only at the end of the day and you don’t have a built in business, you may find your swing is falling apart at the seams!

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

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Children need a predictable routine, and establishing a daily routine can help combat negative preschool behaviors. But it requires awareness and consistency.

Over the years, I’ve found a process that makes scheduling easier for me. Making my schedule is one of the most important things to do at the beginning of the year.

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

What’s up with the cute font and cute clip art? I just feel much happier looking at the wall. If you feel the same way, you can also make your schedule beautiful. At the end of the workbook (see below) you will find the editable templates (for 2 days). , 3 days and 5 days a week), which is really nice. Just make sure you’re only trying to edit in Adobe Reader.

Free Printable Kid’s Daily Schedule Template

I’ve created a workbook to help you create your own classroom schedule! If you’re anything like me, you need to plan everything out on paper to make everything work – that’s what this workbook is for!

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

Want to see sample graphics? I am attaching pictures of some of my graphs from previous years as examples.

Never miss a blog post or freebie again! Get helpful preschool resources and ideas delivered straight to your inbox. One of the questions I get from other teachers more than any other is, “What does your preschool schedule look like?” This is a difficult question to answer because even though our routine is the same every day, the schedule is somewhat flexible and is very individualized to the needs of my students, my classroom, and my day. That being said, I would like to offer a few

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

Printable Preschool Schedule

As with everything we do in our classroom, the schedule should be a work in progress! We build it and tweak it based on what works and what doesn’t. In my experience creating a preschool schedule, here are the keys to making it work.

Create your class schedule, then step back and think about the balance of activities. Don’t ask preschoolers to move from one sit-and-listen activity to another. That’s the recipe

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

. Give them movement breaks (perhaps singing or playing their fingers) during the circle. Let them leave the table after eating.

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Trust your instincts. Trust that you know what’s best for your students. Look at your day and see what works. Save it! Look at the parts of the day that are frustrating. Are there activities or routines that don’t work for your kids? Adjust these parts. You are the expert in your class

Preschool Daily Schedule Template

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