Hair Salon Floor Plans

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Hair Salon Floor Plans – Whether you’re remodeling an existing space or opening a new space, mapping out the layout of your salon can be daunting when there are so many factors to consider. When it comes to simple questions like where to put your retail store, it’s easy to get carried away. The good news is that there are a number of blank floor plan options, and Minerva Beauty has inspiration and design tips to share!

To help you make the most of your space, we’ve designed three small showroom floor plans that take advantage of the 1,400 square foot main showroom floor space. Each floor plan is fully functional with a reception area, grooming station, processing area, shampoo area, color room, bathroom and back of house focused on proper placement of equipment and consistent flow of traffic. In addition to floor plans, we have some tips to share about the different parts of your office space to help you out.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

Hair Salon Floor Plans

When it comes to the reception area, you’ll probably want to match the reception desk, lobby seating and retail space, but instead of breaking it up into different small areas, try to tie everything together through thoughtful interior layout and smart use. color, lighting, trim and flooring.

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Carefully consider how the client will manage the space, as you don’t want the entrance to be too crowded or difficult to navigate. The retail area should be a central part of the salon layout, so it’s best to avoid hiding your retail store in a corner or behind a table, as doing so will only discourage customers. Check out the products on display. You can place your receipt next to your retail display to encourage guests to purchase products while they wait to be served.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

Work space is a key issue in the hairdressing industry, as you want your stylist to have enough space to work comfortably while accommodating as many clients as possible. Ideally, the first decorative seat should be at least 24 inches from the wall, and the center-to-center distance between decorative seats should be at least 54 inches. If you have the flexibility to provide additional space, consider doing so to be more comfortable for your clients and to avoid noise between each stylist’s areas.

Also, think about the shape of your space. For long and narrow living rooms like the examples given, you can use less of the living room’s decorative areas. Sometimes pairing a salon mirror with a freestanding vanity station can do the trick. Or you could even consider getting two-sided grooming stations and running them in the center of your salon.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

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If your space allows, shampoo units should be located in a quiet area away from the clutter of the salon for the convenience of your customers. Just like the styling area, it’s important to have enough work space in your shampoo sink. A good rule of thumb is to give your clients at least 32-42 inches between shampoo chairs, at least 24 inches for stylists to work with, and a similar amount on the other side for the client’s feet.

Shampoo systems come in many shapes and sizes. Some are deeper and take up more space, but they can give your guests extra comfort. Others are smaller in size, making them ideal for small spaces such as salon suites or small salon bathrooms. Most Minerva Beauty shampoo systems can be used for shampooing or rinsing, so finding the right one for your space is easy with the extensive collection. About our colors and designs.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

We hope you can use our hair salon floor plans and salon planning tips as a starting point to ensure your final space is functional and attractive. It guides customers and matches the aesthetic of your salon. Use our handy 2D design tool to start planning your new beauty salon, spa or salon today!

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Our first salon floor plan, which runs from the entry to the back of the house, features a large retail display, large reception desk, small waiting area, 8 grooming stations, 3 shampoo chairs, spacious work area, one color room bar, storage/staff room and ADA. 2 bathrooms with access.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

What better way to go rustic than with rustic design style and Minerva Beauty’s Reclaim collection? Check out the product list below to find yours!

The salon’s second floor plan design provides an open concept with a front desk, counter area and waiting area for the salon’s work area. Minerva’s Argonne L-shaped retail display makes excellent use of retail space to ensure efficient use of every nook and cranny. Moving on to the cabin, you’ll notice that the number of grooming stations doesn’t match the number of style seats (7 stations and 9 seats to be exact). How can this happen? The Athens Double Face Styling Station offers additional space for additional clients and stylists! The two-sided stations are cleverly angled to create a fun partition of the salon and provide plenty of space behind each seat for stylists to work and move around comfortably. Like the previous floor plan, the Sleek and Traditional have a recliner, 3 vanity units, a powder room, a walk-in closet with storage, and 2 ADA-accessible toilets.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

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Lastly, the Modern Chic floor plan is the most sophisticated. The reception area has a small desk and centerpiece ready to greet guests as they enter. A trio of Brighton retail displays line one wall to provide an aesthetically pleasing space for retail products. Perfect for our other shared floor plans, Modern Chic offers a complete makeover with the Milano multi-purpose chair and Astoria style station. Move into the main part of the salon – the eight style stations are separated by a wall in the middle, but the stations are still well connected by large, open doors at either end. On either side of the hall is a small recycling area surrounded by Brighton Retail Showcases. At the back of the salon, 3 Vantage shampoo systems are located in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the salon. A complete color room with Broadway Counter and Broadway Tricolor is accessible from the salon just outside the shampoo area. Our prices are less than the manufacturer’s “lowest advertised price”. As a result, we cannot show you the prices in the catalog or on the product pages.

You are under no obligation to purchase the product once the price has been determined. You can remove items from your cart.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

What do junkyards, malls, and BMX bike shops have in common? All of these are great places to open a salon, spa or salon. Some places are hard to come by as great salon real estate, lots of traffic, street views and the lounge corner you’ve always dreamed of.

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But finding space is just the beginning. The next step is very difficult – map out the layout of the salon.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

Where should the front counter go? Should I use wall decor stations or choose a name? Never fear. We have inspired you. Check out these five popular salon layouts, which include the pros, cons, and recommended equipment for each salon plan.

If you want to maximize your space, the open floor plan layout is for you. A two-way station layout is related to efficiency, allowing multiple operators and services to be organized in a small area.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

Floor Plan Setup

With an open layout and the right furniture, you can easily turn your salon into a gathering place for field meetings, stylist classes, and even social events. Additionally, the two-way station fosters collaboration between stylists and a sense of community and teamwork.

Compared to a wall-mounted station, storage and space can be limited at two stations because you’re sharing it with another stylist. If you like an open floor plan, but want enough space for each stylist to have enough storage, consider an open concept salon with built-in work stations.

Hair Salon Floor Plans

If you’re lucky enough to have a space with beautiful floors and lighting, don’t hide it with stations! This open floor plan is designed to show off your belongings.

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Like the layout above, this hair salon floor plan gives you a multi-purpose room. Your outdoor space can be a waiting area, drying area, event space or retail space. With wall stations, every stylist can bring a personal touch to their station. Wall-mounted stations not only take up more space, but also look cleaner because it’s harder for hair and dirt to fall under the station.

Hair Salon Floor Plans


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