Meet The Teacher Letter Template

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Meet The Teacher Letter Template – Meeting with teachers during the day/night can be a fun but also stressful time. It’s exciting because you’re meeting new students for the first time, but stressful because you’re meeting their parents and trying to make a good first impression. In addition to all the other things related to the beginning of the year, you have to prepare a lot, such as making handouts for meeting the teachers!

There are many things to consider when preparing to meet with a teacher. I’m sure all schools do this a little differently, but in my opinion, meeting the teacher should be a time for prospective students and their parents to get to know you and get a feel for the classroom experience. bring it. To do this, there are several things that should be included in the meeting with the teacher. Here are my top 6 tips for successful dating gurus!

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

I think the biggest stress for teachers meeting teachers is getting the room ready! Depending on when it happens, you may not be able to fully prepare your room. But to be honest, I don’t think that should be the biggest concern! The classroom should be a place of learning and development. They change and improve as the years go by, and I think parents know that.

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Of course, you still want the room to look attractive. Make sure it is clean, tidy and even throw some posters on the wall. But does he have to be 100% ready? Not! Many schools have students bring supplies on teacher night or the first day of school, so you can’t prepare everything ahead of time. Don’t worry about the condition of your room – make sure it’s neat and tidy. Then focus on more important things.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

I think the first thing teachers should focus on meeting teachers (in addition to developing relationships between students and parents) is to allow students and parents to get help to understand you. This is very important in shaping how you want to interact with students and parents! They need to know that underneath it all, you are a person who truly has a heart for teaching. They have to trust you!

I’m not talking about being best friends with all parents. In fact, I don’t recommend it. Just show me who you are. Incorporate them into your life in addition to teaching them a little.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

Meet The Teacher

It can be difficult to adjust when you meet a lot of new people. My recommendation is to have a get-to-know-the-teacher handout that parents can bring with a little information about you, your interests, and your contact information.

I have a FREE, editable teacher template in the TpT ​​store that is perfect for this! It is simple and easy to use. Just fill in the information, print and share! (Also includes a version for administrators, trainers, consultants, etc.). You can download the letter here or click on the image below.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

When else do you get the attention of almost all parents at the same time? Take advantage! Before meeting with the teacher, collect all the information sheets and leaflets about the beginning of the school year, so you don’t have to bother sending them home with the students.

What To Include In A Meet The Teacher Powerpoint

Place all relevant documents on the table to be filled out or taken home. You can also create a folder for each family to send home so they don’t accidentally miss paper. Include information sheets and refer to teacher handouts for important school-required documents, contact information, and important student information to sign. If you use a communication system like Remind or Bloomz, make sure you also include an information sheet so parents can go ahead and sign up.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

I also like to have business cards with contact information for parents to receive. I stay at my desk throughout the year, but meeting with teachers is the best time to have! These are easy to make – I made them on the Avery website and printed them on Avery business card sheets.

Tip: Make an extra copy and place it in a folder to keep with you. This makes it easy to send important information home with new students that can be accepted throughout the year.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

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Some schools require an early-year conference and some schools do not. My school doesn’t, but last year I decided to do it and I don’t regret it. Last year I felt that the relationship between my teachers and my parents was stronger than other years, and I think it was because I spent time connecting with my parents.

Conferences can be intimidating. I wanted to get him out of the way and develop a relationship with his parents before there was a problem. The beginning of the year is the best time for conferences because you usually get to know each other and ask/answer questions. I also found a safe and easy way for parents to let us (me and my partner teacher) know important information about their students (home life situation, bad experiences last year, etc.) I understand. not defined. This information helps us build trust, which is very important not only for teachers, but also between teachers and parents.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

As I mentioned earlier, take advantage of the fact that for an hour you have the full attention of almost all of the student’s parents. Drop off conference sign-up sheets when you meet with teachers and invite parents to sign up! We called this conference “Know You” to make it less intimidating, and there are two sign-up sheets – one for parents to register during our conference and after school, and one for parents to check and do for parents who can’t. did not meet people. The first includes space for a phone number/email address to send notes to, and the second includes contact information and some preferred times to call or email and chat for a few minutes.

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Most parents sign up for the conference, and while the first few weeks are busy, it’s well worth it. Click here for more tips and resources for parent-teacher conferences!

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

If your school doesn’t require presentations, you’ll have a hard time covering all the important points to make sure every parent knows them before the first day of school. I recommend creating a PowerPoint presentation that runs in the background for parents to watch and take pictures when needed.

This includes class schedules, upcoming special events, uniform/dress codes, classroom or school rules, discipline policies, etc. All of this is important for parents to know, but you really don’t have time. to cover each individual in a short period of time.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

Teacher Cover Letter

Alternatively, you can include all of this on a teacher-getting-to-know sheet for parents to take home.

I was not ready for my first year of teaching! If students bring their school supplies to meet the teacher, make sure you have a plan for this.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

I have seen many teachers go ahead and sort the supplies at night, they bring the students in, put the trash cans around the room, and the students throw them in the right place. Personally, I like to sort my own material. I recommend students leave it on the table and continue the next day. There is no right or wrong way to do it! Make sure you have a plan (because I didn’t have one my first year and it was a mess).

Meet The Teacher Letter

We hope these 6 teacher night ideas set you up for a successful teacher night! Meetings with teachers can be overwhelming, but it’s a great opportunity to start the year strong with student-parent relationships.

Meet The Teacher Letter Template

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Meet The Teacher Letter Template

Meet The Teacher Template Editable

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