Make Your Own Chalkboard Invitations In 2023

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Make Your Own Chalkboard Invitations in 2023

The Benefits of Chalkboard Invitations

As we move more and more into the digital age, paper invitations are becoming a thing of the past. They can be expensive, time-consuming, and are often lost in the shuffle. Chalkboard invitations are the perfect solution for any event or gathering. Not only are they affordable, but they also have a unique, rustic look that can’t be found with paper invitations.

Chalkboard invitations are also incredibly versatile. You can create a wide variety of designs to fit the theme of your event. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a baby shower, or a wedding, you can easily create a chalkboard invitation that will delight your guests.

How to Make Chalkboard Invitations

Making your own chalkboard invitations is easy and fun. All you need is a few basic supplies and a little bit of creativity. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk markers
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardboard
  • Printed invitation template

To begin, paint your cardboard with the chalkboard paint. Allow it to dry completely before moving on. Once your board is dry, you can begin designing your invitation. Use chalk markers to add your event details, such as the date, time, and location. You can also use printed invitation templates to add more intricate designs. Make sure to leave enough room on the board for your guests’ names and addresses.

Tips for Writing Chalkboard Invitations

When you’re writing on your chalkboard invitation, make sure to keep the font and design simple. You don’t want to overcrowd the board with too much text. Instead, keep the focus on the event details, such as the date and time. You can also use a few simple drawings or icons to add interest to your design.

Keep in mind that chalkboard invitations are not meant to be kept as keepsakes. Since the chalk is easily erased, your guests will likely discard their invitation after the event. If you wish to keep a copy for yourself, make sure to take a picture before sending it out.


Chalkboard invitations are a great way to add a unique and rustic touch to your event. They are easy to make and can be tailored to fit any occasion. Best of all, they are affordable and can be quickly erased after the event, making them the perfect choice for any gathering.

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