Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

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Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples – Hey, everyone! This is Danielle from Nouvelle ELA, this week she will be taking to the Coffee Shop to learn real about Portfolios. Whether you’re preparing an annual review, looking for a new job, or feeling good about how great a teacher you are, you need a Teaching Portfolio.

I am a military spouse and we are early in life, which means we move a lot. I have already had to interview for several teaching positions, and I can tell you that my Teaching Portfolio has landed me more than one great job. It also helped me move up on a couple of items in my annual review – I had proof that I was doing in the target area! All the examples in this post are from my tutorial library, and be sure to check out the free design sheet.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

The whole point of a Learning Portfolio is for the person sitting next to you to be able to look into your mind as an amazing teacher and reflect on your day in the life of your school. Is the class loud or quiet? Do you prefer lectures or group work? Do you give a lot of direct feedback, or do you favor peer-to-peer shopping? What is your main strategy for developing a strong readership?

Elementary School Teacher Resume Example & Writing Tips For 2022

Your entire Teaching Portfolio really revolves around this philosophy, so be sure to use this Teaching Philosophy Questionnaire and the Laodicea Teaching Portfolio to get started.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

This is the fun part of bookkeeping, I think: collecting artifacts. In the next month, take a picture at least once a day of your school life. This can be used by students in activities, bulletin boards and displays, and student work. Keep student models if you can, but be sure to take three-dimensional photos of the projects as well.

In addition to testing your life with students, testing ignites other parts of your school life as well. Print out a few emails to parents to demonstrate your communication style. A HUGE CAUTION here is to not include anything personal about the student and to black out all names and email addresses. I simply print out a copy of a “first contact” email saying how amazing the student is – this is just proof that I keep in touch! As part of my portfolio, I have an email that I send to parents before we start “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which explains the value of No Fear, Shakespeare and other resources available.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

What Is A Portfolio & What Should A Great Portfolio Look Like?

Did you do anything else at school? Try that too. For me, this includes the game shows and functions I have organised. You, maybe a team card for Varsity Basketball or a photo of your winning Robotics team.

As you design your portfolio, keep the other side in mind. Is he an administrator in your school or office committee? Does a person have five or thirty minutes to look at your artwork? Here are some to mention:

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Give each page a title and caption for each artifact. Make sure the viewer always knows the price of each item. For example, I have tags that say, for example, “Collaboration” and “STEM project”.

My Teaching Portfolio

Choose your skills carefully. Don’t overwhelm your viewer. Make sure that you have already chosen the best and the best, and that someone may be interested in something on all the pages.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Use the tabs (labeled on your side) to help you navigate the viewer. They meet you sitting across the table from your interviewer or assessor and direct the conversation. For example, I know I want to list a student-selected reading program, so I have that tab that reminds me of that.

Practice with your Learning Portfolio. Including a friend or loved one to sit in front of you (like an interviewer) and walk them through your philosophy and portfolio. They ask you about different student models and talk to them about what they see in the pictures.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Goal Setting & Data Portfolio For Elementary Students

Remember, this is the best you have to offer, and you deserve to be proud. You are an expert, and you have an interview to highlight your strengths. It is good to gently add, “I would like to talk to you about my experience in leading the Sermon Club,” and direct them to the page. Be kind, but assertive, and use your writing to show that best part of you.

What is your favorite activity or lesson? How will you show it in your teaching portfolio? Tell us in the comments! We love hearing from our readers, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @ for more conversations. Do you have a teaching portfolio? If not, you absolutely must! Not only is it a great way to showcase all your work and achievements, but it can be a valuable tool when you’re looking for a new job. Let’s face it: working in education right now is really confusing. You have to find ways to put your best foot forward. Get started with these examples of portfolio documents.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

As you begin to design your learning, remember that your goal is to document your learning from a wide range of experiential sources. As you collect and organize your portfolio material, you’ll get a better sense of what you want to include.

How To Make Your Digital Teacher Portfolio In Microsoft Sway

When putting together your teaching portfolio, you don’t want to overestimate your experiences or qualifications. You don’t have to look perfect! Your portfolio should be an accurate and fair representation of your teaching career. Tell the whole world about your affairs, but don’t leave out the losses. Instead, start with how you learned from your experiences.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Include materials that show many aspects of your teaching. Be selective and put some real thought into this. It is much better to have well-chosen and strong materials than a large collection of documents that overwhelm and overwhelm the reader.

Your teaching portfolio should have a clear structure that makes it easy for readers to find what they want to review. Include a table of contents and headings to keep everything in order.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Fs 1 E Portfolio By Jeffrey L. Maboloc

He is committed to creating a solid teaching portfolio. You may want to put it off until sometime in the future, but you never know when you might need it. It is better to start now and set aside time each week to work on it until it is ready. Then, at the end of each section, spend some time updating it to keep it current and relevant.

Mary, Kindergarten teacher from @sharingkindergarten, shared her portfolio on her blog. Includes an About Me section, professional background and certification information, management overview, information on his class in action, and more. This portfolio is well represented in the pack of cover pages for each section, which is included.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

See this example of a digital portfolio for a student teacher looking for their first job. This model covers teaching philosophy, student work, school management, reference literature, and more.

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In this video, a teacher who recently hired her for her first role shows the librarian who took her job! If you have completed your student experience, this is the example for you. Skip to the second minute of the video to go to the portfolio pages.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Finding a model you can afford can save you a lot of time. This template from Teach Starter is free! It also contains sections on behavior management, parent communication, evaluation and tracking, and teacher collaboration. This template has many advanced sections, and you can choose which ones you want to include.

Although it is important to have a physical portfolio for interviews, having a digital portfolio is also quite convenient! When applying for jobs or applying to schools online, you can easily include a link to your portfolio so others can learn more about you. If you’re looking for examples of learning portfolios from Google Sites, check out this one from Martha Moore of Primary Paradise. Explain well how to create a digital portfolio using Google Sites. Google Sites is free and you can transfer information from your physical portfolio, so if you already have one, go digital!

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Art Teacher Portfolio Ideas For An Interview

Another example of an online portfolio, this option features a single page scrolling of content. Instead of clicking through several tabs on the site, readers can view the entire portfolio by scrolling one page. Adding visuals like examples, icons, and links to educational lessons can really make your website pop.

Don’t be afraid of color because it can really make your experience pop. This example includes color tabs with content areas such as assessments, assessments, procedures, and sample documents.

Elementary Teacher Portfolio Examples

Not looking for a full-time position? Or are you looking to change from part-time to something more permanent? This scholarship portfolio created by Sara Cheesman would be perfect for you! Not only does it emphasize teaching work, but it emphasizes other related professional experiences

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