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Application Templates For Word – A rental application allows a landlord to collect a tenant’s personal and employment information to compile a consumer report (credit check). A non-refundable fee may be charged, which is usually equal to the cost of the landlord screening the tenant.

In most cases, a rental application is considered complete once the tenant has inspected the property and a verbal agreement has been made. Also included is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which details tenant rights.

Application Templates For Word

Application Templates For Word

After the tenant completes this rental application, it must be returned to the landlord along with the registration fee.

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Non-Refundable Fee ($) – Tenant will be charged for subsequent inspections ($18 to $100). It also shows their level of interest in the property.

Application Templates For Word

All of the companies listed below allow the landlord to view the tenant’s criminal history and credit report. The landlord must choose which service to use based on whether he has received a completed and signed rental application from the potential tenant.

Now, in order for the tenant to be able to pay the monthly rent, the landlord must provide proof of employment and income. This usually requires:

Application Templates For Word

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Use the “RENTAL HISTORY” section of the rental application to contact the applicant’s previous landlords and check for items such as:

The above questions give the landlord confidence that allowing someone to stay in their unit is a good investment and a benefit to the community.

Application Templates For Word

A landlord can check the state’s sex offender registry to see if an applicant is listed. It is illegal for a landlord to refuse a potential tenant to be on this registry (Fair Housing Act). However, if the landlord can prove that the person poses a threat to other people living in the property, then the landlord can not only refuse to accept that person, but can also evict them if they have moved in.

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A tenant usually has a good chance of being approved by the landlord unless the tenant has a credit score of 620, steady employment/income, and no criminal history.

Application Templates For Word

No more than the average cost of screening applicants or the typical amount charged by tenant screening companies.

(1) Non-refundable fee. Make a note of the fee the landlord or property owner must pay with this application to cover the cost of viewing it. This is usually a non-refundable fee that will not be refunded regardless of the outcome of this application.

Application Templates For Word

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(2) Type of property. Declared property must be properly classified. This information can be used to compare the relevant property to an apartment, house, apartment, cooperative, etc.

(3) square feet. The physical space occupied by the property in question must be expressed in feet. So please provide dimensions where applicable.

Application Templates For Word

(5) Rent. The potential tenant is obliged to pay the monthly rent if there is a lease agreement. Specify the amount of payment to be charged as monthly rent by reporting in this area of ​​the application.

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(6) Address. The geographic location of the property must be matched with its physical address. This information is expected as separate components (eg Street Address, City, etc.). Be sure to document the exact address using the available fields.

Application Templates For Word

(7) Pets. If the potential tenant can keep pets in the house, check “Yes”. Otherwise, select the No box to confirm that no pets are allowed in the home.

(8) Smoking. If smoking is allowed on the property, check the Yes box. If smoking is prohibited indoors, check “No”.

Application Templates For Word

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(9) Parking. Some properties include access to the Tenant’s parking space if the Tenant’s request is accepted. If so, find the Yes checkbox and select it. Also, use the space provided to determine where to find and access parking for the property. If the potential tenant is not provided with a parking space, then it is necessary to put a mark in the “No” column.

(10) Type/Length. A successful application must be determined by the type of lease offered (ie fixed term or monthly). If the lease term of the premises is fixed, then the number of years and/or months defining its duration shall be documented.

Application Templates For Word

(11) Commencement Date. Document the expected start date of the given tenancy. This will be the first calendar day on which the prospective Tenant is expected to borrow and pay rent for the relevant property.

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(12) Name. The full name of the applicant (potential tenant) must be included in these documents.

Application Templates For Word

(14) SSN. This application expects the potential landlord’s social security number. This will help identify a potential Tenant in a background check or credit check.

(15) Driver’s license number. A renter’s valuable ID is often considered to be his driver’s license. Confirm the prospective Renter’s identity by entering his or her driver’s license number on this document.

Application Templates For Word

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(18) Other residents. If this application is for a rental, please provide the full name of each person who lives in the eligible property with the potential tenant.

(19) Pets. If the potential tenant wishes to have pets, please check the “Yes” box and use the space provided to adequately describe each pet. For example, if the pet is a cat, enter the breed, weight, age and height of the animal. If not, just select the “No” field.

Application Templates For Word

(20) Vehicles. If the Applicant has a car at the time of renting the property, check the box “Yes”. If so, use the available space to describe each vehicle (eg, make, model, year, and color). If the potential tenant does not have a car during their stay in the building, check “None”.

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(21) Judgment. If the Applicant has a previous felony conviction, check the Yes box and comment on the conviction, but if the Applicant has no felony conviction, check the No box.

Application Templates For Word

(22) Bankruptcy. Select the Yes or No box to indicate whether the applicant has previously filed for bankruptcy. If so, you should check the box “Yes” and submit the details (regarding the Applicant’s bankruptcy) in the space provided.

(23) Copying. If the Applicant has been issued, the “Yes” box must be selected. If not, select No. An explanation of each copy must appear in the applicant’s record where available.

Application Templates For Word

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(24) Company. Of course, the property owner or landlord will want to make sure that the applicant can pay the expected rent for the property. In most cases, the Applicant uses income from employment to meet this obligation. If so, and the applicant is currently employed, please provide the name of the company where the applicant works.

(26) Term of office. The length of time the applicant has worked at the current workplace must be specified in years, months and/or weeks.

Application Templates For Word

(27) Gross income. The applicant’s official gross income for the previous year must be produced (ie, income before tax).

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(28) Address of employer. The mailing address at which the applicant’s employer can be contacted must be included in this discussion.

Application Templates For Word

(29) Supervisor. The full name of the head of the applicant (by place of work) should be indicated.

(30) Company. In general, the applicant’s work experience can prove his ability to keep the lease. It should indicate the name of the company or institution where he worked before the current job. This former employer must be identified by his or her full name.

Application Templates For Word

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(31) Occupation/Position. The applicant’s previous professional title should be related to this field.

(32) Period of employment. If applicable, document the length of time the applicant worked for the previous employer.

Application Templates For Word

(33) Gross income. The applicant’s gross annual earnings from his or her most recent employment must be listed as part of this employment history.

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(36) Type of residence. In this section, the current place of residence of the Applicant should be indicated. Begin by correctly classifying the type of property the applicant currently lives in (eg apartment, house, etc.).

Application Templates For Word

(39) Amount of rent. Record the dollar amount you pay as monthly rent to live in the applicant’s current residence.

(40) Current residential address. This application must include the physical address of the Applicant’s current residence.

Application Templates For Word

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(41) Period of residence. This area requires how many years, months and/or weeks the applicant has lived in their current place of residence.

(42) Current lease term. Document the calendar date that determines when the tenancy currently maintained by the applicant will be terminated or formally terminated.

Application Templates For Word

(43) Desire to move. An area has been added to explain why the applicant wants to move from their current place of residence.

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(44) Name of Landlord. The applicant’s current landlord must be identified by name and address.

Application Templates For Word

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