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Canada Flag Template – The flag of Canada was officially adopted on February 15, 1965. The flag was designed by George F. G. Stanley, dean of arts at Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

The national flag of Canada is horizontally symmetrical and has two vertical red stripes on the hoist side and waving with a white square between them, in a ratio of 1:2:1. An 11-pointed stylized red maple leaf is centered within the white square. The red maple leaf has been a Canadian symbol since the 18th

Canada Flag Template

Canada Flag Template

Century and its red color symbolizes Canadian sacrifice during the First World War. The colors red and white are the official colors of Canada, as proclaimed by King George V in 1921. The color red has been borrowed from the Cross of St George and the color white from the French royal emblem since King George VII.

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Several different flags were used in Canada before the advent of the current national flag. Since the beginning of the European presence on Canadian soil, the flags of the respective European homelands have been displayed. British North American flags were used in colonial Canada and highlighted its ties to the British Empire. After Confederation in 1867 and up to 1965 – The Royal Union Flag was used in Canada. The Canadian Red Ensign, bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the Royal Arms of Canada, has been in use since 1870 and has become a widely recognized national symbol. The Canadian Red Ensign became a popular patriotic emblem during World War I. In 1921, King George V granted a Royal Arms to Canada and the shield of the new Arms of Canada took its place on the Canadian Red Ensign. This version of the Canadian Red Ensign represented Canada during World War II. In 1957, a new approved interpretation of the coat of arms changed the maple leaves from green to red. This version of the flag was used until 1965. The new maple leaf flag was made official by a proclamation by Queen Elizabeth on January 28, 1965. On February 15, 1965, the flag was unveiled in a public ceremony on Parliament Hill .

Canada Flag Template

The Royal Arms of Canada has been the official coat of arms of the Canadian monarch and of Canada since 1921. It is closely modeled on the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom with distinctive Canadian elements replacing or adding to those derived from the British. The current design of Canada’s Coat of Arms was designed by Mrs. Cathy Bursey-Sabourin. The symbols of Canada’s four founding nations appear on the shield. These include the three royal lions of England, the royal lion of Scotland, the royal fleur-de-lys of France and the Irish royal harp of Tara. The Lion of England is seen holding the Royal Union Flag and the Unicorn of Scotland is seen carrying the Royal France Flag. The floral emblems of the four founding nations also appear in the coat of arms: the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the French lily and the Irish shamrock. The royal crown at the top symbolizes that it is the coat of arms of Her Majesty the Queen in law of Canada. The maple leaves of the “proper” emblazoned shield were originally designed vert (green) but were redesigned gules (red) in 1957. The maple leaf has served as the centerpiece of the national flag of Canada, and the maple bears the leaves which have become the most important Canadian symbol, nationally and internationally. In 1994, a circular red ribbon was added to the coat of arms, displaying the Order of Canada’s motto: Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam (“They Wish for a Better Country”).

“O, Canada” is the national anthem of Canada. The music for the anthem was composed by Calixa Lavallée (concert pianist); commanded by Théodore Robitaille (Lieutenant Governor of Quebec). The original French text of the anthem was written by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (poet and judge). The lyrics were translated into English by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908. The anthem was officially adopted on July 1, 1980. “God Save The Queen” remains Canada’s royal anthem.

Canada Flag Template

Canada Flag Images

The dollar is divided into 100 cents, locally called pennies. However, the Canadian penny has been withdrawn from circulation due to its low value. The image on the dollar coin is the fool, and the locals call the coin the fool. The CAD is the fifth most secretive currency in the world due to the stability of the country’s economy and its strong sovereign position.

Six denominations of currency circulate as coins in Canada. These are 5¢ (nickel), 10¢ (dime), 25¢ (quart), 50¢, $1 (loonie), and $2 (toonie). In 2012, production of the 1¢ (penny) was stopped due to inflation which made its production costs higher than its value.

Canada Flag Template

The Royal Canadian Mint produces the coins. The circulation of the 50¢ is smaller than that of the other coins; it is estimated that for every 50¢ coin produced; 142 25¢ coins are produced. There is a similarity between Canadian and US currency, especially those smaller than 50¢ in size. Some US coins circulate in Canada at par while Canadian coins under 50¢ circulate in the US due to their similarities.

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In 1841, Canada’s currency was called the Canadian pound and was worth four US dollars. The imperial government in London imposed the pound in all its colonies, but the local population began to assimilate its currency to the United States thanks to close trade links. Between 1841 and 1871, several alignments were made to rationalize the Canadian pound, the British pound and the US dollar. In 1871, the Canadian Parliament passed a law that created the Canadian dollar, during World War II the exchange rate was 1.10 Canadian dollars = 1.00 US dollars. In 1960 the value of the currency dropped significantly before being pegged in 1962 at an exchange rate of CAN$1.00 = US$0.925. Size of this PNG preview for this SVG file: 800×400 pixels. Other resolutions: 320×160 pixels | 640×320 pixels | 1024×512 pixels | 1280×640 pixels | 2560×1280 pixels.

Canada Flag Template

The Government of Canada recommends using the Pantone version of the flag where applicable / The Government of Canada recommends using the Pantone version of the flag where applicable:

English: National flag of Canada. This file uses the RGB specification, which results in a brighter red than the Canadian government recommended Pantone colors. Even a CMYK printed material cannot make such a red (see explanation on talk page).

Canada Flag Template

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English: Flag of Canada (maple leaf). The file uses the RGB color model with red at full scale. As a result, this color is brighter than the Canadian government recommended Pantone colors. Likewise, a surface, printed according to the CMYK model, cannot represent such red (see explanations on the English talk page).

The current version of this vector image is programmatically generated from the geometry defined in File:Flag of Canada (construction sheet – leaf geometry).svg.

Canada Flag Template

Trademark protection with registered trademark no. 0972261 created April 5, 2007. It is a “Prohibited Trademark” under subsection 9(1)(n)(i) of the Trademark Act, as “no person may adopt in connection with any trade, as a trademark or other, any mark consisting of, or resembling in such a way that it may be confused with … the coat of arms, crest or flag as adopted and used at all times by Canada.”[1][2] The status of the mark is independent by copyright status.

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This file has been replaced by Canadian Flag (Pantone).svg. It is recommended to use the other file. Please note that deleting replaced files requires consent.

Canada Flag Template

This work includes material that may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions. If you want to use it, you need to make sure you have the legal right to do so and that you are not infringing on any trademark rights. See our general disclaimer.

This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. It is therefore requested a normal copyright tag. See: Licenses.

Canada Flag Template

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This work is ineligible for copyright and therefore is in the public domain as it consists entirely of commonly owned information and contains no original authorship.

This image shows a flag, coat of arms, seal, or other official insignia. The use of these symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of copyright status.

Canada Flag Template

The Trademarks Act protects the national flag of Canada and the flags of the provinces and territories from unauthorized use. Requests to use the Canadian flag in commercial activities should be directed to the Department of Canadian Heritage (Attention Canadian Identity Branch). Requests for the use of provincial or territorial flags must be addressed to the appropriate Provincial or Territorial Protocol Office. A flag should always be displayed, depicted or used in a dignified manner. It should not be defaced by impressions or figures or obscured by other objects, but displayed in a manner which may be described as lofty and free, in which all the symbolic parts of

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