Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

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Pinewood Derby Printable Templates – The Pinewood Derby is one of the most exciting events for Cub Scouts!! The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts of the Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scouts, with the help of their parents, build their own cars out of wood, usually from kits consisting of a pine block, plastic wheels, and a metal axle.

Package 1156 awards for top 3 finishers in each den. We also have some categories that are determined by polls. We vote for Most Scout Spirit, Best Scout Craftsman (least parental help), and Most Unique Car Design. We offer a special class for siblings and parents β€” you can buy a car at a local Scout shop or Michael’s. Fun for all!!

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

We will be holding a car cutting workshop at Stirling United Methodist Church on Saturday 14th January from 10am to 11am. Get ready to cut your car! Draw your design on a piece of wood and we will cut it for you!! Need ideas? Check out or search “pinewood derby” and get away from the computer! πŸ˜‰ We have attached a PDF of a sketch/design area and some models. It’s open house style, so come by any time between those hours.

Liquid Pinewood Derby Car

Come anytime between these hours to have your car weighed (you will check (leave) if your car is ready to go).

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

The Pinewood Derby race begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday, January 21. As there is work to prepare for the church, it should be completed by noon. Be on time β€” or your car might not run!!

The official rules are included with your Pinewood Derby car, but in case you accidentally missed them, here’s a link: Goose Creek Pinewood Derby Rules

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Pinewood Derby Invitation Free Car

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your car, and let your Scout’s creativity shine. Here are a few helpful models if you need some guidance: I designed and created a Batmobile that I feel like. I will try to give step by step instructions below.

Disclaimer 1: This is my car that I built for my son’s open class adult races at his local Boy Scout Pinewood Derby event. This design does not meet all size and weight rules and regulations applicable to Pinewood Derby Cub Scout cars. In any case, it is a very difficult task for a boy of that age.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Disclaimer 2: The construction steps below are in the order I went through them, but I realized several times that I did some steps without delay. So please read and understand the entire process and try not to make the same mistakes I did.

Veark Ck16 Forged Chef’s Knife

I always start with a hand drawn pattern first. You can download a template here and try drawing the Batmobiledesign yourself, or you can download the image below and print it on 8.5 x 11 paper, which should be pretty close to the right size. The Batmobile design I came up with is wider, taller and longer than the standard wood block that comes with pinewood derby car kits. So I had to make my own tree for this build.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

I started with some 1Γ—6 pine lumber I had lying around in my shop. It is possible to use hardwoods, but it will make the process of carving the shape more difficult.

I tore this board into 2 2.75 inch wide strips on my table saw. You don’t want to build a pinewood derby car wider than 2.75 inches, or it might overlap the car lane next to the track and event organizers might not let you race it.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Car Design Plan With Cut Out

I found three of the best pieces from strips about 9 inches long and cut them with my miter saw.

She carefully placed a thin layer of wood glue between them and glued the three pieces together. If the glue is not done carefully, you can end up with gaps that can be separated later during the carving of the shape. If that happens, you just need to get the glue out again and stick the thing back together.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

This is the wood we’ll be using to begin carving the Batmobile. I should have taken a photo of this block of wood next to the standard one that comes with the pinewood derby car kits, just to show you how big this block is.

Pinewood Derby Race

Now we need to transfer the Batmobile silhouette to the wood block. I drew on the back of the paper model with chalk, but you can write with a pencil, it shows well on this light colored wood. Another option is to cut out the silhouette completely and then trace around it.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

After writing on the back, put it on the wooden block and put it there …

When finished, you will see that the plaster has been transferred to the wood. At first glance, it would be easy to see the pencil on this light-colored pine.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Pinewood Derby Word Find Word Search

Then cut out the shape with a band saw. This first band saw cut is not necessarily perfect. We’ll be doing a lot of shaping later, so this band saw cut might be rough. Actually, I didn’t cut all the way to the lines with this initial band saw cut, which gave me a lot of freedom and flexibility later when I was doing my shaping work.

Here is the first rough cut of the silhouette from above. You can see how I didn’t cut up to the lines.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Now there is one more thing I did. I wish I had done this before cutting the raw silhouette. I used several swipes with my table saw to make a slot under the car for the race track. The wheels stick out about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the car, so I made this slot about 3/8″ deep. So the wheels hang about 1/8 inch off the track floor. This design of the car hangs very low and looks much cooler.

Free Printable Invitations: Army, Car Racing & Swim Party

How wide did you make this slot? The exact width of the regular standard car Pinewood Derby is 1.75 inches.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

To check that the width was correct, I set a standard pinewood derby car wood block in the slot and it fit perfectly.

Now that the silhouette is done from the top, it’s time to cut the silhouette from the side view. Since the side panel of the car is no longer a flat piece of wood, I cut out the silhouette of the side view and placed it on the side of the wood block…

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Pinewood Derby Pit Passes + Free Printable

After cutting the side silhouette with the band saw, the wood block will look like this. It’s actually starting to take shape a little bit.

Now, before we start carving in places to remove wood that shouldn’t be there, we need to follow some guidelines. So I moved all the lines from the side view silhouette to the side of the block.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

I started imagining where the lines would cross and overlap, and I thought about which parts of the wood should be removed and which should remain.

Pinewood Derby Certificate

Below is an example of a silhouette shape placed in the center of the car that is the jet engine intake. But on either side of that central jet engine intake, the car’s fenders need to curve in a smooth arc. So, using a small coping saw, I cut out a rough fender shape into the center of the hood where the jet engine should remain in the original silhouette shape. In this photo, the car is on its side, the top of the car is on the left, and the front of the car is facing the camera.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Then I lowered the hood to leave the piece on the fender that wasn’t needed there.

Here’s a better view of the car in normal condition. Both fenders have been chopped off, and the central jet engine intake continues the shape of the original silhouette. It’s not the final look of the fenders or the jet engine intake. We’ll take small bites out of the shape and eventually we’ll get there.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Pinewood Derby Car Body

For extruding large parts or oddly shaped parts that cannot be done with a hand saw, we will use a good sized drill bit. Below I show the top of the car starting to dig into one side of the high dome.

A chisel can be used to get a little closer to the final shape. But the chisel is still a bit rough for the final shape.

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

Here are the results after drilling and turning. It’s still pretty rough. But the overall look is definitely starting to show.

Free Printable Pinewood Derby Certificates

I forgot to take a photo of the device you are using, but I will later

Pinewood Derby Printable Templates

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