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Tea Bag Template – We at Party Plan Divas are changing the face of the Direct Selling House Party Planning Industry by bringing fresh, new, “no gimmicks” training to today’s Direct Selling and Party Plan Consultants!

Lynsey Jones-Kmetz brings over 15 years of REAL experience at all levels of the party planning industry, from client to hostess, executive national team leader to corporate sales manager for a direct sales company.

Tea Bag Template

Tea Bag Template

Packed with webinars, training libraries, videos and more, training helps thousands of direct sales consultants around the world sell more products, book more parties, host more challenges and recruit more team members, without bothering your friends and family, or pack up your credit cards!!

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This is not the “same old training” repackaged over and over again, this is a new, real system style training that will help any Party Plan consultant be successful.

Tea Bag Template

Angela has been running online businesses since 2002, when her son was just four months old. He looked at her little face, decided he didn’t want to go back to a career in chemical technology, and started his first business making soap and bath and body products.

Angela also turned that small business into a small direct sales company, recruiting representatives to sell her handmade soaps, bath salts, bath bombs and more.

Tea Bag Template

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Over the years, Angela became more and more fascinated with online marketing and moved her entire business online, ceasing to sell physical products in favor of much easier to deliver digital products. Angela has taught thousands of people how to turn what they know into a source of income!

Angela is EXCITED to bring her online sales experience to Party Plan Divas and help direct sales women around the world generate income through online sales.

Tea Bag Template

Angela is the mother of two wonderful children (Hayden, 19, and Ella, 7), a mother of pets (too many to name), and a common wife to Matt.

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Lynsey stepped down to run Party Plan Divas and handed the reins to Angela, but we had to give credit where it’s due and keep her bio here at Party Plan Divas!

Tea Bag Template

Lynsey started direct selling at the age of 18 as a military wife hundreds of miles from home.

Blessed with ignorance, Lynsey launched her direct sales business and quickly rose to the top of her company in both sales and leadership.

Tea Bag Template

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Lynsey’s business has thrived through many of life’s ups and downs, including hurricanes, cross-country moves and, unfortunately, a divorce.

Now happily married again, Lynsey has taken on other opportunities and we are very excited for her. Lynsey has left a great legacy here at Party Plan Divas and we are proud to carry it forward and continue to support Party Plan and Direct Selling Divas everywhere! A popular alternative to coffee, tea is made by pouring hot water over natural plants and herbs. . The tea can be enjoyed all year round, as a soothing hot drink in winter and a cold refreshment in summer. The tea is often chosen because of its variety of flavors and medicinal benefits. Depending on which flavor you choose, this drink is known to help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and weight loss.

Tea Bag Template

The beauty of tea is that you can customize its taste and benefits depending on what is included in the tea bag. To help you create the perfect blend, we have nine steps to creating homemade tea bags. We’ve also created printable tea tags so you can turn a simple tea bag into a personalized gift for your friends and family.

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Once you’ve learned the basics of how to make a tea bag, you can use your creativity to make unique tea blends. Take a look at our list of 10 popular flowers used in tea to add a floral aroma and flavor to your cup of tea.

Tea Bag Template

Decide which flavor combination you like best and pour a tablespoon or two of loose leaf and flower tea in the middle of the rectangle.

Start by folding one of the long sides in towards the middle so that it covers the tee. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Tea Bag Template

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Your bundle is probably too long, so you’ll want to trim a little off the top to make it the desired size.

Fold down the top two corners of the filter. This will create a triangle. Then fold down the tip of the triangle.

Tea Bag Template

Secure the top folds by stapling them to a piece of twine. Place the string in the triangular fold and then fold it over. Pull up the string and fasten with a staple. Use a natural thread that does not have dye that can leach into the tea.

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Download our printable tea labels and cut them out. Glue the string to the fold of the tag and then glue the sides of the tag.

Tea Bag Template

These homemade tea bags are perfect for serving all year round. Try displaying them at a home brunch or giving them as gifts for Mother’s Day!

There are many types of tea that you can use to fill your homemade tea bags. The dried flowers not only taste good but also have medicinal benefits. Here are ten popular flowers used in tea and their health benefits.

Tea Bag Template

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Calendula is a type of daisy that produces a tea that is said to have skin healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can also be used to cure urinary tract infections or soothe a sore throat. Calendula tea can be made by placing dried calendula flowers in tea bags instead of loose leaf tea.

Dried lavender buds can be used in your homemade tea bag to create a fragrant tea. Lavender tea has a multitude of health benefits, including supporting tired muscles, treating insomnia, maintaining cardiovascular health, and treating indigestion, acne, and headaches.

Tea Bag Template

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular types of tea. Chamomile is used to reduce menstrual pain, lower blood sugar, slow or prevent osteoporosis, reduce inflammation, and aid sleep and relaxation. The flower can be dried and put into DIY tea bags to create a natural brew.

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Chrysanthemum tea has been around for hundreds of years and is popularized by Chinese medicine. It is used to treat respiratory problems, high blood pressure and can reduce inflammation. If you’re making it at home, place three to six dried flowers in your tea bag and steep them in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes.

Tea Bag Template

The tropical hibiscus flower is a common choice when it comes to tea. Hibiscus tea is usually a deep red color and is said to support a healthy immune system, aid digestion, control inflammation and improve liver health. This type of tea is eaten hot and served cold as iced tea.

If you want a caffeine-free tea, peppermint tea is a good option. Peppermint tea is said to reduce stress, combat insomnia, aid weight loss, improve digestion and prevent bad breath.

Tea Bag Template

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Jasmine is not an herbal tea, the flower is instead used to flavor regular tea (green, white, black or oolong). Jasmine tea is used to reduce the risk of heart attack, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, improve digestion and lower cholesterol levels.

The lotus is not only one of the most beautiful flowers, but its leaves, flowers, seeds or roots can be used in tea. Lotus tea can be used to treat stomach, spleen or liver problems. It is also effective against high blood pressure and can relieve restlessness and insomnia.

Tea Bag Template

Roses are known for their beautiful appearance, wide variety and pleasant fragrance. Roasted tea contains vitamin C and is used to treat menstrual cramps or constipation, boost the immune system and has benefits for skin and hair.

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Certain varieties of passion flower are said to have medical benefits. One of these, Passiflora incarnata, has been used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Other varieties are being studied in connection with the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Tea Bag Template

Now that you know the best dried flowers to include in your tea mix, try hosting a tea party in your backyard. All you need are some friends, freshly brewed tea bags and a beautiful floral centerpiece for an enjoyable afternoon in nature.

The Free Range Life I Livestrong I Healthline I Medical News Today I Healthline I Women’s Health Magazine I Organic Facts I Natural Food Series I NDTV Food I Ritely Need something to brighten your or your loved one’s birthday? Or do you just want to create something different with just one common item? Introducing our blank template for your own personal design.

Tea Bag Template

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This template is ready to create and decorate your ordinary object, turning it into an extraordinary object. You can make birthday themes or other events. We use letter size paper so you can print it yourself at home. We even make a word document to make it so easy to do (we also included the guide)

This is a BLANK TEMPLATE. So there is no image/brand on it. You must post your own design to create.

Tea Bag Template

Due to the nature of digital items,

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