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Committee meetings are an essential part of any organization’s decision-making process. They provide a platform for members to discuss important matters, make decisions, and allocate resources. To ensure that meetings run smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial to have a well-structured agenda. In this article, we will explore a committee meeting agenda template that includes voting items.

Why Use a Committee Meeting Agenda Template?

Using a committee meeting agenda template can bring several benefits to your organization. It helps to:

  • Organize the meeting: A template provides a clear structure for the meeting, ensuring that all necessary topics are covered.
  • Save time: By pre-defining the agenda items, you save time in preparing for each meeting.
  • Keep meetings focused: Having a clear agenda keeps the discussion on track and prevents drifting off-topic.
  • Promote participation: When participants know what will be discussed, they can come prepared and actively contribute to the meeting.

Sample Committee Meeting Agenda Template with Voting Items

Here is a sample committee meeting agenda template with voting items:

1. Call to Order

Start the meeting by calling it to order and ensuring that all members are present.

2. Approval of Minutes

Review and approve the minutes from the previous committee meeting.

3. Old Business

Discuss any unfinished business from previous meetings. This is an opportunity to provide updates and make decisions on ongoing projects or issues.

4. New Business

Introduce new topics or initiatives that require discussion or decision-making. Each new item should be clearly stated on the agenda.

5. Voting Item 1: [Topic]

Present the first voting item. Provide necessary background information and allow for discussion among the committee members. Conduct the vote and record the outcome.

6. Voting Item 2: [Topic]

Repeat the process for the second voting item, providing all relevant information and allowing for discussion before conducting the vote.

7. Announcements

Share any important announcements or updates with the committee members.

8. Open Floor

Allow members to raise any additional topics or concerns that were not part of the agenda.

9. Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

Determine the date and time for the next committee meeting, and adjourn the current meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Committee Meeting Agenda Template with Voting Items

Q1: How do I create a committee meeting agenda template?

A1: Creating a committee meeting agenda template involves identifying the key sections of your meetings, such as call to order, approval of minutes, old business, new business, voting items, announcements, and open floor. Once you have identified these sections, you can create a template by outlining them in a logical order.

Q2: How can I ensure effective participation during the meeting?

A2: To promote effective participation, you can send the agenda to the committee members in advance, allowing them to prepare and come ready to contribute. Encourage open discussion and active engagement from all participants.

Q3: How should I record the voting outcomes?

A3: You can record the voting outcomes by keeping a written record of the decisions made. This can be in the form of meeting minutes or a separate document specifically for recording voting outcomes.

Q4: Can I modify the sample committee meeting agenda template to fit my organization’s needs?

A4: Absolutely! The sample committee meeting agenda template provided here is just a starting point. Feel free to modify it to fit the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

Q5: Are there any software tools available to help create committee meeting agendas?

A5: Yes, there are several software tools available that can assist in creating committee meeting agendas. Some popular options include Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, and Trello.


A well-structured committee meeting agenda template with voting items is a valuable tool for any organization. It helps to keep meetings focused, promote active participation, and ensure that decisions are made in a systematic manner. By using the provided sample template and following the tips outlined in this article, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your committee meetings.


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