How To Create An Agenda Template For Conference Calls

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Conference calls are an essential part of modern business communication. They allow teams to connect and collaborate, regardless of their physical location. However, without proper planning and organization, conference calls can quickly become unproductive and time-consuming. This is where an agenda template comes in handy. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an effective agenda template for conference calls.

Why Do You Need an Agenda Template?

An agenda template serves as a roadmap for your conference call. It helps you stay focused and ensures that all relevant topics are covered during the call. By providing a clear structure, an agenda template also helps to keep the call on track and prevent it from going off-topic. Additionally, sharing the agenda with participants prior to the call allows them to come prepared and contribute more effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating an Agenda Template

1. Define the Objective

The first step in creating an agenda template is to clearly define the objective of the conference call. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by the end of the call. This could be making a decision, brainstorming ideas, or providing updates. Once you have a clear objective in mind, it will be easier to structure the agenda accordingly.

2. Identify Key Topics

Next, identify the key topics that need to be discussed during the conference call. These topics should directly contribute to achieving the objective defined in the previous step. Avoid overloading the agenda with too many topics, as this can lead to an overly lengthy call. Instead, focus on the most important ones that require input or decisions from the participants.

3. Break Down Each Topic

For each key topic, break it down into smaller subtopics or questions. This will help you create a clear and logical flow for the conference call. Consider the order in which you want to discuss these subtopics and arrange them accordingly in the agenda template.

4. Assign Time Slots

Assign a realistic time slot to each topic or subtopic. This will help you allocate sufficient time for discussion and prevent any topic from monopolizing the call. Be mindful of the overall duration of the call and ensure that it fits within everyone’s schedule.

5. Include Introductions and Icebreakers

At the beginning of the call, it’s important to allow time for introductions and icebreakers. This is especially crucial if participants are not familiar with each other. Including this in your agenda template will help create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, setting the tone for a productive discussion.

6. Facilitate Q&A Sessions

Consider including dedicated time slots for Q&A sessions in your agenda template. This will allow participants to ask questions or seek clarification on any topic discussed. By providing a structured opportunity for questions, you can avoid interruptions or prolonged discussions during the call.

7. Wrap Up and Action Items

Allocate time towards the end of the call to summarize the key points discussed and outline any action items or follow-up tasks. This will ensure that everyone is clear on the next steps and responsibilities. Including this in your agenda template helps to wrap up the call in a concise and organized manner.

8. Share the Agenda

Once you have created your agenda template, share it with all participants well in advance of the conference call. This will give them time to review the topics, prepare any necessary materials, and come ready to contribute. Sharing the agenda also shows your commitment to an organized and efficient call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I create a new agenda for every conference call?

Yes, it is recommended to create a new agenda for every conference call. Each call has its own unique objective and topics, so tailoring the agenda to suit the specific needs of the call will ensure its effectiveness.

2. How long should a conference call agenda be?

An ideal conference call agenda should not exceed one page. Keep it concise and focused on the most important topics. If you have too many topics to cover, consider scheduling separate calls or allocating more time for each call.

3. Can I modify the agenda during the call?

While it is generally best to stick to the agenda as much as possible, some flexibility is allowed. If new important topics arise or if the discussion takes a different direction, you can modify the agenda accordingly. However, be mindful of time constraints and ensure that modifications do not derail the call.

4. What tools can I use to create an agenda template?

You can use various tools to create an agenda template, such as word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Alternatively, you can also find pre-designed templates online that you can customize to suit your needs.

5. How often should I update my agenda template?

It is a good practice to review and update your agenda template periodically, especially if you notice any areas for improvement or if your conference call requirements change. Regularly updating the template will help ensure its relevance and effectiveness.


An agenda template is a valuable tool for organizing and conducting effective conference calls. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a well-structured and focused agenda that will lead to more productive and efficient discussions. Remember to share the agenda with participants in advance and be open to making adjustments as needed. With a well-planned agenda, you can make the most out of your conference calls and achieve your desired outcomes.


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