Excel Templates For Creating Project Change Request Forms And Impact Assessments

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The Importance of Change Request Forms in Project Management

Change is inevitable in any project, and managing these changes effectively is crucial for project success. Change request forms provide a structured way for stakeholders to request modifications to project scope, schedule, or resources. These forms capture essential information about the change, including its impact on the project, and help project managers evaluate its feasibility and potential consequences.

Creating Change Request Forms Using Excel Templates

Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet software that offers a range of templates to simplify various tasks. Excel templates can be leveraged to create change request forms, providing a user-friendly interface and predefined formulas for calculations. These templates save time and effort, ensuring consistency in capturing change requests across multiple projects.

Step 1: Accessing Excel Templates

To access Excel templates, open Excel and click on the “File” tab. From the dropdown menu, select “New” to open the template gallery. In the search bar, type “Change Request Form” or “Project Change Request” to find relevant templates. Choose a template that suits your project requirements and click on “Create” to open it.

Step 2: Customizing the Template

Once the template is open, you can customize it to align with your project’s needs. Update the project details, such as project name, ID, and manager’s name, in the designated fields. Add or remove sections as required, ensuring that all essential information related to the change request is captured.

Step 3: Defining Impact Assessment Criteria

Impact assessment is a critical component of change request evaluation. Define the criteria for assessing the impact of a change on various project aspects, such as cost, schedule, scope, and resources. Create dropdown menus or checkboxes in the template to select the applicable impact criteria for each change request.

Step 4: Calculating Impact Scores

Excel’s formulas and functions can be used to calculate impact scores based on the selected impact criteria. Assign weights to each criterion based on its importance, and use formulas to calculate the overall impact score for a change request. This score helps project managers prioritize and make informed decisions about implementing changes.

Step 5: Reviewing and Approving Change Requests

Once a change request form is completed, it should go through a review and approval process. Share the form with relevant stakeholders, such as the project sponsor, client, or subject matter experts, for their input and approval. Excel’s collaboration features, like sharing and track changes, can be utilized to facilitate this process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Excel Templates for Change Request Forms

1. Are Excel templates suitable for all types of projects?

Excel templates can be customized to suit various project types, including construction, software development, marketing, and more. However, for complex projects with extensive change management requirements, dedicated project management software may be more suitable.

2. Can I add additional columns or sections to the change request form template?

Yes, Excel templates can be easily customized by adding or removing columns, sections, or fields. Ensure that the changes align with your project’s specific needs and capture all relevant information.

3. Can I automate the approval process using Excel?

While Excel does not have built-in workflow automation features, you can use macros or add-ins to create custom approval workflows. Alternatively, you can export the change request form data from Excel to a project management tool that offers automated approval processes.

4. Can Excel templates be used for tracking the status of change requests?

Yes, Excel templates can be modified to include columns or fields for tracking the status of change requests, such as “Pending,” “Under Review,” “Approved,” or “Rejected.” Utilize conditional formatting or filters to visualize the status and easily identify pending or approved change requests.

5. Are there any pre-built Excel templates available for impact assessment?

Yes, there are pre-built Excel templates available for impact assessment. These templates often include predefined impact criteria and formulas for calculating impact scores. Search for “Impact Assessment Template” or “Change Impact Analysis Template” in the Excel template gallery to find relevant options.


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