Crochet Candy Cane

Crochet Candy Cane – Add these mini candy canes to your gifts this holiday season! This easy crochet candy cane looks great as a gift tag.

They’re so fast you can knit dozens and tie them into a candy cane wreath, too! There are so many fun ways to add the handmade touch to your holiday decor.

Crochet Candy Cane

Crochet Candy Cane

This free crochet pattern is a simple red and white stripes design. There is some shaping of course to achieve the hook look.

Candy Cane Crochet Ornament Pattern

This flat crochet Christmas tree pattern is the perfect simple design that can be used in a variety of ways.

Crochet Candy Cane

Adding the green ribbon was really easy! I think crochet candy canes look cute with or without a bow.

Row 9. Ch 1, hdc in same letter, sb in next sc, ch in last group, reversed. (3 sets)

Crochet Candy Cane

Crochet Candy Cane Stripe Border

Row 10. Ch 1 (here it counts as the first group), sc in the next group, hdc in the last group, turn. (3 sets)

Row 12. Ch 1, (here the first group counts), hdc and sc in the last group, turn. (3 sets)

Crochet Candy Cane

Fsc 42, or ch 43 and c in chapter 2 of your hook and in every chapter across. = 11 inches long

Easy Crochet Candy Canes

Weave a long tail through one end until the middle of the bow. Sew on a candy cane with a tail and floss needle. Candy canes and mints definitely scream Christmas, and I love the happiness of all that red and white in the house!

Crochet Candy Cane

So, after the mint and candy cane decorations I shared a while ago, it was time to make some stuffed ones that I could use as Christmas decorations for my little tree.

I hope my dog ​​doesn’t love stealing and eating them as much as he loves chewing on last year’s ugly Christmas sweater! Hahaha

Crochet Candy Cane

Crochet Candy Cane Decorations

Well I would definitely have to keep them out of reach because with the aluminum wire inside it would be dangerous for him to chew on them.

And speaking of safety, these candy canes are not meant to be children’s toys, unless the kids are old enough to understand that there is a wire inside!

Crochet Candy Cane

The Candy Cane Amigurumi pattern is part of the 2022 Christmas decoration marathon with many free decoration patterns for your Christmas tree!

Candy Cane Free Crochet Patterns

). Or save it for later by pinning it to your best Pinterest crochet board with this pin!

Crochet Candy Cane

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This printable Candy Cane Amigurumi pattern is available for free on Ravelry, LoveCrafts, and Etsy, and includes more photos and step-by-step instructions!

Crochet Candy Cane

Free Candy Cane Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern

This pattern is worked with two strands of yarn in the tapestry crochet technique. For a full rug knitting tutorial, visit this tutorial here.

If you are using sport weight yarn and a 2.5mm hook, repeat round 3 until you have reached about 15cm.

Crochet Candy Cane

Notice how the distorted colors are created simply by using the natural tendency of the crochet stitches! If you don’t know what I mean, check out this blog post where I talk about the anatomy of crochet stitches!

Crocheted Candy Cane (with Pictures)

Cut 14 inches (36 cm) of aluminum wire, fold it in half, and wrap the two halves around each other so they stay together.

Crochet Candy Cane

I hope you enjoyed this free crochet pattern. I’d love to see your Christmas decorations on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag # so I don’t miss your photos!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I, Raffaella, the creator and blogger behind Raffamusa Designs! Come find out more about me and my spinning obsession here! Here’s a very quick and easy candy cane to crochet. With only two rows of single crochet stitches, this crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. A mixture of glue and water helps the candy canes to strengthen and keep their shape. When finished, it measures approximately 8″ long by 3″ wide.

Crochet Candy Cane

Candy Cane Inspired Crochet Coasters

I’m using Sugar n Cream for this crochet pattern, which is 100% cotton yarn, in white, red, and green. The cotton thread absorbs the water and glue mixture well, so the candy cane will be pretty stiff when you’re done.

It’s really important to saturate the strips of knitted tape with the glue and water mixture. Once this is done you can shape the stick and place it on a plastic surface. Use the long ends to easily transfer the candy cane into the shape without crushing the main part. Mine usually dries up within a day or two.

Crochet Candy Cane

Drying time depends on the temperature and humidity level. Higher temperatures usually dry the glue faster. Low humidity levels also aid in the drying process. I like to put my crochet work under a forced air heating unit, as you can see in the video. This makes it dry very quickly!

Free Flat Candy Cane Crochet Pattern

First, click on the link below. The format is PDF. You will need a program that can read PDF files such as Adobe Acrobat. Many web browsers can also access PDF files. However, if you encounter any problems accessing the file, try a different web browser or Adobe Acrobat.

Crochet Candy Cane

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Here’s a fun, simple, and easy crochet chain ring border. It works great as a scarf, blanket, shawl, and more. Basic crochet stitches are used, so this is a great crochet border for beginners. […]

Crochet Candy Cane

Candy Cane Blanket, C2c Crochet Pattern, Written Row Counts, C2c Graphs, Corner To Corner, Crochet Pattern, C2c Graph

It’s fun to knit and combine seashell stitch and popcorn into one pattern. The texture is amazing and works great with a blanket, shawl, scarf or bag. […]

There are many tips and tricks when crocheting. Some techniques are useful when joining crochet pieces. Plus there are some really interesting sewing needles that work great with yarn. Read all about them here! […]

Crochet Candy Cane

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Pattern: Crochet Candy Cane – Easy Crochet Cane Ornament Pattern – Crochet Christmas Design – Crochet Pattern PDF

Crochet Candy Cane

Make your own candy cane in just 1 hour! This easy-to-follow pattern includes 1 PDF with detailed instructions and lots of pictures that show you how to sew and assemble this candy cane!

There is no shipping charge for this item because it is a digital file. Your template will be available for immediate download once payment is completed.

Crochet Candy Cane

Christmas Candy Cane Appliques

** Please do not copy, redistribute or claim this pattern as your own. You can sell your finished items if you wish, but please credit Teresa’s Crochet Shop as designer. Thanks!**

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Crochet Candy Cane

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Free Crochet Candy Cane Patterns

The pattern was very easy to follow! I didn’t have any white pipe cleaners so you could see the pink behind the white, but it was just for fun keeping it on my shelf so I didn’t mind. Very cute I didn’t think it would be that big but maybe that’s my fault, I think I extended the wand when I put pipe cleaners in it. I’ll just add fewer chains/stitches next time, no big deal. I loved how it turned out!

Crochet Candy Cane

I love this tool when a couple tries to sew it right but it’s very quick to make

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Crochet Candy Cane

How To Crochet An Easy Candy Cane

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Crochet Candy Cane

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Crochet Candy Cane Border For Beginners

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Crochet Candy Cane

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Crochet Candy Cane

Last Minute Reindeer Candy Cane Holders • Oombawka Design Crochet

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